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Is anyone having, or has had Caelyx (Liposomal doxorubicin)?

I've had 2 full courses of Carboplatin over the last 2 years and in a few weeks will be starting on Caelyx as the cancer is returning. Its only in my abdomen thankfully but needs treating for the third time. The information I have indicates fairly mild (ish) side effects generally although I know there are always exceptions. I would be interested to know others experiences. Did anyone loose their hair? and more importantly how effective have you found it in getting you into remission? Any information would be very much appreciated. Meryl XXXX

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No you don't lose your hair, but I was given Caelyx directly after 2 sessions of Carboplatin (to which I had an adverse reaction), and found at the end of the 6 sessions my ca125 was creeping up slowly (32 at the end). The doctor had scaled it down to 80% strength (after 2 sessions) as I found the side effects hard to bear, so I presume that is why it had crept up.

Next time round he put me on Cisplatin, which gave me 3 months remission, now I''m on Topotecan, which has also stopped working now. On session 6 with CA125 of 623!!

Everyone is different.

Good luck with your caelyx.



Dear Meryl

I am one of the support Line nurses at Ovacome. Viv is right it is very unlikley that you will loose your hair with Caelyx. Everyone is very different in the side they experience from chemo as I am sure you are aware.Apart from the usual effects of chemotherapy, one of the side effects that can occur is a rash and the best way to deal with this is by trying to avoid it. If it occurs, it usually is in areas where there is friction so it is important to wear loose clothes particularly shoes and socks and to keep cool. Pat yourself dry after washing and have cool showers or baths rather than hot ones. Also make sure you drink cool to tepid drinks particularly around the days that you are having the chemo. Have a word with the chemo nurse so that you can know the side effects you may experience. If you wwant to discuss things further do please feel free to give us aring on 08453710554 Mon- Fri10-5 Best Wishes



Thanks Viv and Ruth. Good luck Viv and I hope you achieve remission and thanks Ruth for your professional advice.

Merylyn XXX


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