Hi Lovely ladies any one had Carboplatin/Caelyx ?

Hi all my Clinic nurse rang to-day this will be my 4 line of treatment it will be carbonplatin and Caelyx has any one had experience with these two combined. My 125 has jumped to over 800 in the last two weeks, on single Taxal after only 4 so it is going to be change, I've been on this journey now for 2 1/2 years and had very little remission I'm sooo tried of chemo so hoping this will give me some time to feel normal,

Thank you as usual ladies for your advice and encouragement all my Love to you all Lorraine xx

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  • Hi Lorraine..I am on this combo for 2nd recurrence i have just finished number 4 for me personally i have found it quite tolerable as it is 4 weeks you get the usual issues but it is doable. I was diagnosed in 2012 stage 4 and am so grateful to my GP and oncologist. I hope that you don't find it to taxing and that you get a good remission this time. Take care Pam x

  • Hi Pam , Nice to hear from you I'm looking forward to the dose every 4 weeks instead of every week. I have had Caelyx before as 3 line treatment with some success, so this time my oncologist is trying the combo.

    I had some side effect with Caelyx so was interested in the effects of the Carbonplian and Caelyx, it's good to hear that it was tolerable, I'm becoming a old hand at this chemo journey but what choice do we have, Thank you again for your reply sending you my best wish..Lorraine xx

  • Hi Lorraine - I was on carbo/caelyx for 5 out of the 6 rounds for my 1st recurrence until unfortunately I was deemed to be platinum-resistant. I found this regime reasonably do-able in that for me it was a case of having the chemo once every 4 weeks. This allowed a good period of non-hospital visits in between to get back of bit of normal life.

    In terms of side effects, also remarkably OK. I did have a delay a couple of times due to low white blood cells and had an unfortunate experience with a nasty flu bug the first time but that was exceptionally unlucky. The worst thing for me was v dry skin on hands and feet but you just have to be obsessional with the E45 and similar creams. If like me, you forget to be vigilant, I can tell you that I'm not looking forward to getting my feet out into sandals this spring!

    Wishing you all the best

    Caroline x

  • Hi Caroline ,Thank you for your advice , looking forward to only one every 4 weeks.

    I know Caelyx does not like the heat, we are coming into our winter here in Australia so it will help,

    But cold showers BRRRR. Sending you my best wishes for your health ..Lorraine xx

  • I'm doing very well with it so far, have had 3 and am away on holiday. Have a look at my recent posts for various tips to other people: bicarbonate of soda, sweets, moisturising and then some. Good luckx

  • Hi Mac ,Thank you for your reply I just finished reading your other posts and found them very helpful ,full of good advice,will use some. best wishes..Lorraine xx

  • I did carbo /Calex for my first reoccurrence wasn't to bad got a nasty rash on one knee which I fixed with Alovera as I'm In Australia to had 12 months Ned now back on just Caylex about to have my 3rd treatment next week with a scan coming up don't know what my ca125 is at the moment but will ask when I see oncologist next week Good luck with your treatment hope all goes well for you xoxo 😘

  • Hi Cathy, I looked at your post to see how you were going, last time we corresponded you were going for your scan after 3rd treatment of caelyx hope it went well..Cheers Lorraine xx

  • Hi Lorraine still on chemo my tumour is shrinking but am now on anticoagulant medication for pulmonary Embolism at least I don't have to have radium at this stage How are things going fo you hope you are having some success xoxo 😘 Cathy

  • Hi Cathy, Thank you for your reply I will make sure that I have plenty of moisturizer and follow all the advice the ladies have given me , plus it will be a bit better with winter here as I know Caelyx does not like the heat. Hope your scan results are good and all the best for your treatment also. Lorraine xx

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