Thinking of you all this Easter

Hello you wonderful people,

I haven't been around much lately as life has taken over (it tends to do that doesn't it) but I just wanted to clock in and say that I am thinking of you all daily and that I check in from time-to-time to try and catch up with your news. I may not be able to respond as much as i'd like right now, but I am wishing you all a warm and gentle Easter, especially to those of you who are fighting a new or continued battle.

Much love,

jemima xx

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  • Happy Easter xx

  • Happy Easter Mrs A!


  • Thanks Jemima, happy Easter to you too. I hope you have Easter bunny onesies....

  • Haha I wish I had an easter Onesie! Running out of wardrobe space...unless I can get away being an Easter chameleon or maybe a zebra? 😂

  • I can't believe you don't have a bunny onesie!! Fix that right now, Mrs 😆

    Happy Easter to you too. Next time you are back in the area we should organise another meet up, especially if the weather improves and Wisley would be spectacular 🌸

  • It's shocking really...I will see what I can do ☺️ And yes, will let you know when I'm next in the area and we'll do another Wisley get together. Went a few weeks ago actually and it was beautiful. Hope you're doing better Hun? xx

  • Ditto! My life has taken over too,wish you all the best too

    Carole xxx

  • Nice to hear from you Carole...hope you're keeping well xx

  • I am love,still NED, thank god!!

    I am so tied up with familly,my son has just moved in with his girlfriend,so have been at his house helping clean all day,so he can rent it out.

    My daughter is having a cesarean in a couple of weeks, so helping her with my 3 year old grandson and anything else she needs and doing all our day to day tasks.

    Hoping when baby is born and her hubbie is off to get a cheeky week away abroad,need some sun on my back!👍😀

    How are you? And what little adventures are you planning? Xx

  • Sounds fantastic Hun! Hope the new one comes into the world nice and safely. All ok here...NED too, next check up end of May before hubby & I head off to NZ for 6-weeks for the Lions Rugby tour! Can't wait!!

    My darling Dad is a bit poorly at the mo by we'll hopefully find out more in the next few weeks. Think it might be Prostate cancer so really worried. We had Mum's 4th anniversary yesterday and tomorrow would have been her 69th birthday so it's been a difficult weekend. So laying low with the hubby being plied with gin 👍🏻 Perfect.

    Book that trip lovely one...sunshine is good for the soul especially after all the running around after everyone you've been doing! Xx

  • Thank you Hun,

    Sorry about Dad,he can so come back from that,it's hard worrying about family,I know from experience,no Mum and Dad now and miss them terribly 😪

    Oh wow NZ! Sounds fab, we would like to do a Grand priz,but probably a bit nearer to home,would love Monaco😀

    Life is for living and enjoying,your parents would encourage that as I know mine would too,

    Keep in touch,

    Carole xxx

  • Lots going on in your family, Carole! I hope you are finding time to take a breather for yourself x

  • Difficult lovely, but trying to,hard when kids get older,we think it will be less, but if you are a good parent,it poses different problems and you are always there to help out.

    Hoping to get time in the sun too,

    How are you? Xx

  • Certainly you are a busy bunny this Easter I am glad you are doing great,

  • How are you at the moment?xx

  • Happy Easter 🐣

  • Happy Easter to you too! Sorry to hear your Dad is poorly and your Mum's 4th anniversary and birthday were this weekend. Easter has fallen at the wrong time for you. Don't have too much gin or you might really be tempted to buy an Easter bunny onsie.....,...still I suppose you could always wear it on the flight to NZ.

  • Thanks Hun - yeah it's been a challenging few days that's for sure. We're contemplating taking the lion onesies to NZ (being its the Lions tour...) ☺️ We'll see. Hope you're doing ok xx

  • Hi Jemina, I also have been lazy the past few weeks so dont despair, I hope all is good with you healthwise, Happy Easter to you and yours

  • Hi Jemima, the last time I read your blog you were having a very cold holiday & your video was a mazing! Glad to hear you will soon be off enjoying your self again.

    Sorry to hear about your dad fingers cross its not anything bad. Take care Cindyxx

  • Happy Easter Jemima. 🐣🐣🐥🐥

  • Happy Easter Hun! Worrying times for you.. thinking of you Love Michelle x 💐

  • Happy Easter Jemima ❤️Xx Jane

  • Happy Easter Jemima!! Your upcoming trip sounds fantastic!!! Kim xx

  • Happy Easter

    Ellsey xx

  • Thank you Jemima, and the same to you. Ann xx

  • Happy Easter Jemima

    I love reading about your happy trips . They make me want to forget everything and head for the nearest sunny beach. Keep those travel journals coming our way !


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