My Ovacome

adenomyosis utrerus and right ovary endomerioma

according to my sonography test utrus size 13.1x7.9x5.8 and the right ovary 4.9x5.4x4.1. before that one surgery for vasicular mole and then two scisorian done. after these 7 years before due to heavy bleeding and severe pain because of right ovary cyst it removed by injection and cleared. but my misfortune again the cyst appear in the right ovary. doctor says removal of both ovary and utrus only the remedy . while taking hormone tablets there is no problem atall but the doctor says horomone tablets not to continue. my question is if i remove both ovary and utrus what will happen to my health. and afraiding o another one fourth surgery kindly expecting good advice

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It is so worrying when you don't know what to do, isn't it? I wonder if there is anyone you can talk to at the hospital? The gynaecology nurse specialist should give you good advice, or try phoning the Ovacome helpline on Tuesday. I can only tell you what my experience was. I had ovarian cancer in 2002 and I had a complete hysterectomy and both ovaries removed. I have been well ever since and being without the heavy periods is a real blessing! The operation wasn't painful and the recovery took about 6 weeks, although I was walking and swimming after about 4 weeks. I went back to work after 3 months and just needed to take things easy for about a couple of months after that, I was a bit tired sometimes.

I hope this helps, but do try to get more medical advice. I'm only a fellow patient! Good Luck

Wendy xx


I can echo what Wendy said. I had ovaries and womb removed and after the recovery time - which was similar to Wendy's - had no problems. The operation was straught forward and I went home after 7 days with no discomfort - just needed to be careful an rest. But - as Wendy says- do talk to the health professionals, especially the gynae nurse specisalist.

Good luck.

Angela xxx


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