CT scan today....results 4th April.....it's sunny so things should be good.....or is that just what the Easter April bunnies think?

Had ct scan nimber......(actually had so many can't remember which no it is) today!!!!!!

So.... 2nd line treatment have had 6 chemos, carbo/taxol........I find out on the 4th April if tumours continuing to reduce or not. If they are then will have another 2, if not stop at 6...with tumours still there....I still can't get my head around what happens after that.....I was told in 95% of similar cases the tumours will have plateaued...anyone been in a similar situation after 2nd line treatment? Please let me know how u got on after 2nd line treatment!xx

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  • I think the Easter Bunnies are very clever and undoubtedly always correct. They are at one with nature! My scan is tomorrow, so I am sure we will be swapping photos soon. I'll ask them to get my best side.

    Love Lizzie


  • Hi Florence,

    Good luck with the scan results, you never know those little Easter Bunnies may just bring you some luck. After my 2nd line chemo, I think I only went 4 months before I restarted again. But don't let this worry you =- EVERY ONE OF US IS DIFFERENT. Some ladies go into remission for a very long time, others like me don't.

    Sorry, but Lizzie and I always hijack others peoples posts . Lizzie how are things going at the mo, good luck with the scan. How is the tummy - receding yet ?????

    Love Anna xx

  • Hi Anna,

    Yes, we are like two naughty school girls chatting too much at the back of the class :-) Last week things were super and I was 90% sure my CA125 would prove to be coming down. After Friday though I could feel the bloating start again, and now I am finding it hard to walk. I am not sure if it is the bloating, something happening in my abdomen or diaphragm. Blood test and CT scan tomorrow and then a visit to the onc on Friday. I should know more soon, but now I am not sure where I am. Is caeylx working or not....

    How are you getting on now with your revised treatment? Are you back on Avastin yet?

    Love Lizzie


  • Lizzie, no not on new treatment yet. Had 6 week chemo washout - yippee !! I was going to put a post on here after I have seen the Onc. tomorrow. Sorry about the tummy, chin up be positive and good luck with the bloods and scans.

    Love Anna xx

  • Thanks Anna. Yes, I will blog too once I know where I stand over the next couple of weeks.

    Love Lizzie


  • Florence, ditto my results on 4th as well, we all seem to be getting results around the same time. Good luck, will be thinking of you..Love Sue x

  • Good luck to you all on your results. Hope the news is good . Remember it isn'tr the end if not. There is plenty still out there as Anna and I are testimony to. And I have a life as good as most and better than some.

    My 3monthly post 5th line chemo check was due on the 2nd April but has been delayed for 3weeks due to holidays (oncologist's) and overbooking. Not sure how it's all going Abdomen has been achy but no worse than before my post chemo scan end of Dec when the disease was stable. So we shall see

    Love to you all


  • Hi Florence,

    As you will have seen in other posts on here - different oncologists have different opinions and access to different treatments. IF you need further treatment, and want to check out what is available and where; ring the Ovacome nurses - but I hope your tumours are continuing to reduce. Keeping everything crossed for you!


  • Dear OvaCSea

    You're giving me hope. You do amazingly well to continue with the chemotherapy. You must be very stoic.

    Good luck and thanks for your encouraging post. Xxx Annie

  • Good Luck, Lizzie! I'm thinking of you. Looking after my Mum who is in hospital at moment, so not on here to check out what's happening as much as usual.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thanks Wendy. Sorry to hear your Mum is poorly. I hope you are finding time for yourself amongst all of this. It is great to be there for others, but you need to look after yourself too!

    Love Lizzie


  • Thanks Lizzie! It's hectic at the moment. They are both in their late eighties and Dad has some memory problems, so I'm thinking for three at the moment ;-) Added to that my mobile is playing up- more stressful than illness, as I need it to keep in touch with relatives! :-O Just not sure how long it will all take! Still hubby's coming up tomorrow, so will be lovely to see him! I'm OK though. You take care and good luck with the scan results


  • hi i had my scan results yesterday and it was all clear.... soooo i ma praying that you have the same result on the 4th..

    lots of love



  • Good luck Lizzie and Spanishanna and Wendy Hope you Mum is on the road to recovery soon. Love Sue x

  • Good luck from me also Lizzie and Spanishanna hope results are good. Hi Wendy hope your Mum is ok too. Lizzie's right you must look after yourself as well but I know it's not easy. My Mum's 90 this year, so if I'm not at the hosp/doctors for me I'm there with her................ah well could be worse. I'm still in remission, the sun is shining and I had a wonderful 5 day break in Jersey last week.

    Love and hugs to all the ladies on this site. Chris x x

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