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An oncologist's opinion

I had ovarian cysts during a pregnancy which were left intact following a caesarean. I was diagnosed with cancer 9 months later. I was reassured during the pregnancy that they were nothing to worry about.

I am taking legal action against the trust. In order to obtain a good lawyer I need enough evidence to support my claim of negligence. Oncologists and consultants tend to close ranks and are economical with the truth when they suspect my questions are related to persuing the matter. Has anybody got any ideas on how I can gain access to independent advice from a reputable obncologist?

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Hi Stephanie

I am so terribly sorry that you are going through this.

You are right, doctors indeed do close ranks and to take a sucessful action for negligence you will need to find another "expert" that will go into court and testify on your behalf. If a doctor has worked within the normal acceptable boundaries, proving otherwise is very difficult. Similarly making a mistake also seems to not amount to negligence as such. I am certain that you know that you will have to weigh up the potentially enormous upset involved to you and the effect that this will have on your immune system.

I have had some experience of the compaints process, both personally and professionally, so do please feel free to send me a PM if that would help in any way.

Take care


Charlie xxxx


Hi Charlie. Thanks for the reply. Can u rimg me after 9pm is best. I can call you back. 07982815268


Hi Stephanie

Have you spoken to a lawyer yet? Go and see a good one -agreeing a fee for a consultation in advance. You don't want a lawyer who will take on the case just to make money out of you. So its better to pay now - get the full picture rather than find yourself in a legal nightmare 2 years down the line. They should tell you what the process will entail, what it will cost you both in monetary terms and time/stress. Also give you an idea of the burden of proof. They will also have a list of medical experts.

I was a lawyer but this isn't my field. I should take Charlie up on her offer.

Good luck. Most importantly in getting well.

Love Sarah



I will certainly progress this up the Ovacome advisory board, as its an important issue. In the mean time I would start with looking at existing guidelines, such as NICE and the RCOG. You might also like to contact this charity:

I hope you are doing OK. Please do call the helpline on 0208 299 6650 if you want to chat.

Best wishes



Hi Stephanie

I have sent you a PM.

Charlie xxx


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