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Not giving up!

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8 years from 3c diagnosis and 2 operations and lots of chemo treatments later, I’m now on daily cyclophosphamide. Good news at hospital today. Markers have gone down again and the liver lesion appears to have disappeared altogether. They are going to look into that to see if they have read the scan wrong. All bloods good so another month of chemo. I’m enjoying a full life and am happy to be stable at the moment. Feeling like celebrating today. Never give up people x

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Fantastic news!!

Great news. Thank you for such a positive post. It’s really cheered me up and made me think of the positive things in my life and reasons to be happy. I’m so pleased for you and hope you have a little celebration/dance around the kitchen/chocolate biscuit.

Happy to hear you news, keep up the 👍 work !! Mookie fox1234

Good to hear from you and fantastic news! You have a lot of persistence! Xx

Brilliant news🤗. X

Thrilled for you. Thanks for sharing - brings hope to us all xx

Thank you for sharing your positive news and outlook. You have endured a lot, but sounds like you have also enjoyed a lot. The news of your liver mets was particularly encouraging because I am fighting my own. So thanks and congrats!Sashay

Great news , thanks for posting x

That’s great news, most important thing is just to be able to enjoy the life we’re given! Sat cuddling a new baby this afternoon & made me so thankful to those that work so hard to improve our lives….worth fighting for! Big hugs Dee x

Great to hear your good news x

Always great to hear success stories. Well done,keep up the good work.xx

Great news ! X

Really happy for you. I got the same feeling when my CT scan after 3 chemo rounds were so positive. My oncologist said “ we rarely see such a good response” even though I know I’m only at the beginning

Brilliant news, there's hope for us all! 💖

As well as quantity! Emma

Excellent news be happy and enjoy life! X

Absolutely fantastic you are indeed an inspiration thank you for your post , fills me with hope for the future 8 years brilliant. Im nearly 5 myself so we can do it. Its nice for the newbies to read , l know how bad l felt when first told but there is light at the end of tunnel they will find a cure for us all. My love to you all keep well & positive & enjoy life if you can SheilaFxxx

That's such good news ,very happy for you , you've given me a bit more hope , we love some positive news .Cheryl x

Your post is just what I need today. I’m feeling so tired, listless and very odd that I’m sure it’s on its way back. I’m dreading being told I have to go on to a daily regime but you’re coping with it and still being very positive so I will be too. 🤗

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Lockygill in reply to JustKBO

Thank you. I’ve not posted for ages but felt that the time was right. It’s always good to have hope for the future x

Good for you, thanks for the update

So nice to hear positive news. It is tough to stay positive at times, but your post has inspired me. Thank you.

Wonderful. Very happy for you

That’s fantastic news. Still waiting on my 1st op & anxious. It gives me Hope & strength hearing your great news. Thank you for sharing ❤️

Excellent, keep on keeping on ❤️Xx Jane

Thankyou for sharing and giving hope!

Brilliant news! Thanks for posting👍

Fabulous, fabulous and fabulous! Keep going and giving us good news! Lots of love and good wishes x

Inspirational Thanks so much for this message.

Such good news x

Thankyou for sharing your wonderful news. You have been through a lot and this sure calls for a celebration. So happy for you! Donna 🥰

Thank you for the GREAT news! We all need it and so encouraging too! There is hope for all of us!

Fabulous news. There is always something to be grateful for. My current motto is "Don't count the days, make the days count". Your "Never give up" attitude is an inspiration to us all. Thank you. 👍💜

Your such a warrior and your post have me goosebumps! Wishing you the absolute best 💚

That's fantastic news! I was diagnosed July 2020 with 3C OC you give me hope,thank you xx

Hi Lockygill, thanku for sharing ur great news 😊 really need it today as had my first recurrence last year after original diagnosis 3c in 2016. Had surgery again and was told it was all successfully removed. Then 6 rnds of chemo but half way thru chemo last year my 125 was creeping up but consultant wasn't worried. Finished chemo and had scan in December which showed lesions on my liver and something near my stomach, but still she wasn't worried (I sure as hell was tho so asked to switch consultants) had another scan last month and got told today that actually it looks like the chemo may not have worked, surgeons probably didn't get it all out and despite being on Rucaparib since January I've got 2 tumours which have grown since December. He's arranging an urgent pet scan but thinks more chemo won't be an option but radiotherapy may be. Got to wait for pet scan and results. Sorry for rambling, and I hope I haven't dragged u down, it's just I'm in bits and feel like this is the beginning of the end, but reading ur post reminds me that there my still be hope. Best wishes x

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Trickysite in reply to Kouyate

Yes,there may still be hope! Hang on to that feeling! Emma

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Lockygill in reply to Kouyate

Believe me, I’ve been there, but I’ve just taken everything they have suggested on board and tried to keep my mind on the positives. I was referred to the Hospice last year but I’ve bounced back once again and am enjoying the life I have. Stay strong, stay positive and optimistic. Good luck x

Hi LockygillI’ve been looking at this forum for the last 4 years and never posted anything , but when I read your post it certainly gave me hope!

I’m similar to you in that I was diagnosed as 3c 5 years ago and had an op and 2 sets of chemo .

They’ve found a lesion on my liver , but strangely the ca125 hadn’t altered at all. Still very normal .

The team are trying to decide whether to operate on the lesion or not but your post made me feel a lot more hopeful than I have been previously feeling .

Thank you for keeping the hope alive ! Like you I have a full and happy life and Iam prepared to keep on fighting for it !


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Lockygill in reply to Mcsquaggle

So glad to hear it. I keep saying that Life with Cancer is still Life and can be a good one for some time. Sending my good wishes to you. Gilly x

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