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I was wondering if anyone can help me regarding problems I have been having regarding severe abdominal and intestinal cramps and feeling nauseous all the time. I spoke to a nurse at the hospice I attend and she suggested giving up gluten and see how it went. I have done this and the pains went yesterday after two weeks on the diet but are back a bit today. I have felt less tired and have found that my abodmen is smaller and not so hard as before. Has anyone else had these symptoms or has anyone given up gluten and how have they felt? I had a scan before Christmas and the oncologist found thickening on my bowel wall but did not think it was anything to worry about but she would keep her eye on it. I do suffer from irritable bowel and have had diverticulitus in the past. I had another scan yesterday because my CA125 has risen quite quickly since the all clear before Christmas where my tumors had been stable. I would be grateful for any help regarding this.

Big hugs to you all and keep smiling.


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  • Hi.

    I think giving up gluten is good as it can be an irritant. I also used to suffer from ibs and found that grapefruit seemed to make it worse. Have you considered probiotics? They are expensive but I am experimenting making my own. How active is your cancer? Despite positive changes in my diet I still get a tender and upset stomachs. I think inflammation from the cancer and my op maybe the cause so trying to adjust my diet accordingly to help reduce inflammation.

  • Hi

    Thanks for trying to help me. My cancer is active again and I am waiting to see how active so should know soon. I think you may be right in thinking the cancer and the op have contributed towards the problems and will persevere with my diet as well. I cannot have grapefruit despite loving it because it interferes with one of the medication I am on so do not have that problem.

    Thanks again


  • I have some thoughts on gluten free. I stayed with some friends in France and she was in gluten free mode and to be fair, despite having diverticulitis, I found it not to be to my taste, I did however feel better but could have been the country air lol.

    I have had the pains you describe, I'm on chemo, but had these since surgery in November. It seems to be kidney function, so have been swallowing gallons of water and today it has eased. I was told it was kidney function before chemo started, but needed to see for myself. It's hard to know for sure though, despite what the doc may say.

    Have you tried apple cider vinegar?

    LA xx

  • My suggestion is try some 'Kefir' which is a fermented milk drink much higher in nutrients and probiotics than yoghurt and far far cheaper than tablets. I'm sure it helps my digestion although I didn't come across it until about 2 years after my last op and chemo, so was still feeling uncomfy and 'graunchy' in my tummy. I live in an area with a working population of Polish workers and can now buy it from our local Sainsburys or pop into one of the Polish shops. It is also available on the internet. I pay £1.35 (sometimes on reduction to £1.00) for a litre pack and £1.00 in the Polish shop. I have a small glass, say 100ml, twice a day. I feel my tummy has been less 'graunchy' than it was before I came across it - the lady who owns and runs our village butchers shop told me about it from one of her customers. Hope the day is good. L x

  • Hi

    Thanks for trying to help me and I will look at what you have said regarding the apple cider vinegar and the Kefir.


  • Barbara. Lots of mixed views on gluten free diets - was listening to a medial debate and reading a serious article about it, here in Ireland.

    Some Doctors feel that if people give up gluten they lose out on proteins & that as so many have given it up for various reason, I know that eating out is a nightmare for some people.....schools have to comply with entire new H & S issues on what can be allowed into schools.

    Other Doctors say that we don't need gluten in out diets as out bodies are not used to it and have not adjusted to digesting it.

    Lots of advice give to you by other ladies here - try them and see if you reduce your gluten intake - does it help.

    See if you can have an allergy test done before making a big change in your diet.

    Regards and kind wishes.


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