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Will I feel better after chemo?

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I'm about to start my 1st chemo session on Monday for my stage 4 ovarian cancer. I'll be having 3 cycles which will take me to xmas then a break before possible surgery. I've obviously been told lots about side effects of chemo but just wondered whether I'll actually feel better after these 3 cycles (eg less abdominal pain)Really hoping to enjoy xmas with my family.

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Hello, I certainly felt better after a couple of rounds in terms of ascities (which disappeared) and bloating. Obviously this is tempered by the effects of the chemo, which can make you tired and sensitive to odd infections, unusual foods etc. I had a lovely Christmas during my first line… I had 4 cycles of chemo and then debulking on 6 Dec. The family rallied round, did the cooking and made a fuss of me! I just lay on the sofa most of the time. I hope it all goes well and you get your lovely Christmas break xx

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Loorunner in reply to Lyndy

Thank you. I had a drain of ascites last week which made such a difference. Theres still about a litre in there but if that can go that would be great! I am feeling v positive about starting treatment - it will be good to feel I've got medical interventions helping me battle this disease. Hope things are going well for you

Hi Loorunner, I can't answer your question about whether you will have less abdominal pain after the 3 chemo or not but I am sure other ladies on here will be able to help you out. I didn't have any chemo first. I was diagnosed with cancer (which they thought was Cervical) Christmas week 2018 but then in January 2019 when biopsy results came back it was OC 3C High Grade. I had my surgery early Feb & started chemo in March. I just want to wish you well & hopefully your chemo will work & surgery can go ahead. Keep me updated & be kind to yourself this is a hard journey we are all on but you can do it Xx

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Loorunner in reply to Tulips66

Thank you. Feeling positive that treatment is about to start. Hope things are going well for you

Hi LoorunnerI had 4 rounds of carbo/taxol every 3 weeks in the hopes that it would shrink whatever bits were inside my peritoneum so I could proceed with debulking surgery, which I did on July 13th. Then 3 more rounds of Taxol/carboplatin every 3 weeks. During The first week of chemo I felt very drugged, but the last 2 weeks got better. I’ve learned that everyone reacts differently but it is definitely manageable and can help with shrinking whatever is lurking inside us. With or without surgery they are developing more and more ways to deal with this disease. Good luck

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thank you Cher96 that's really encouraging. I'm definitely now keen to have that medical help to combat the disease - not just my body trying to do it on my own! so I'm just going to try and picture WW3 going on there inside me as a reason for horrible side effects and hope for the best! best of luck with your treatment.

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Cher96 in reply to Loorunner

Thanks loorunner. I wish we could all just get along with whatever beast is inside our bodies. Doesn’t it know that if it gets us, it goes too!🤣

Hi there I had ascites and pleural effusion and both cleared up after a couple of doses of chemo. Abdomen felt less painful especially when being driven over a few pot holes in the road, which we have quite a few of around where I live. I had surgery after 3 rounds of chemo based on ct scan then 3 more. You can feel pants with the chemo but it is good to feel it work and you do have time when you feel better with the side effects during treatment. Xx

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Loorunner in reply to Heart12345

great to hear. Totally agree about the speed bumps at the moment! thank you

Hello loorunner. I had 6 cycles last year through christmas. I was tired and loo problems, but felt ok. Had a very relaxed christmas as other people have said family rallied round with cooking.

I'm stage 3 chemo didn't work for me and operation not possible. I'm now on parib tablets and my consultant is amazed that things are shrinking even disappearing.

I m having scan on Friday and there is talk of surgery!!!

I think I'm trying to say don't put pressure on yourself and just do what I can and enjoy being with your family.

Good luck and wishing you a lovely relaxing Christmas

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Loorunner in reply to Mossey

Good advice- very best to you x

Hi, I felt so much better even after my first cycle of chemo. My ascites had been painful but that disappeared .The side effects of the chemo were minimal .I hope you will feel well after yours and be able to have your surgery .Take care xx

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Loorunner in reply to mrstadpole

That's very encouraging! Thank you and very best to you x

Hi there, I most certainly did feel better after even the first chemo. Prior to starting mine I had a blockage in my small intestine which was treated with lots of steroids followed quickly by my first chemo in order to prevent another one occurring in the meantime.

The three chemos did their magic and reduced my tumour and consequently the stomach pain. My CA 125 also dropped considerably. So I would say you are likely to be feeling tons better by Christmas with regards discomfort.

( I was stage 3c ).

The chemos themselves weren’t too bad at all, much easier than I’d anticipated and the lovely thought is that they’re blasting the cancer cells to smithereens! ( The final two chemos, post surgery I found more tiring afterwards but knew they were coming to an end, so that helped too).

All the best with your forthcoming treatment and have a great Christmas with your family!

Thank you! Very best to you x

I found I felt better after chemo. I had 3 doses , surgery then 3 more chemos.

I had a lump before I started the chemo and I could feel it getting smaller as the weeks went by.

I did find I had some new abdominal pains for maybe 2 or 3 days after the chemo which I was told was the chemo working so I didn't mind that in the slightest.

You will be given medication to take before and after each dose of chemo to combat side effects.

I found they worked really well, in fact the steroids have me a great boost each time.

I hope everything goes really smoothly for you.

All the very best.

Liz x

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Loorunner in reply to Jacky5

Thank you Liz. Very best to you x

If you do find you get unpleasant side effects, one piece of advice is to keep a note on your calendar each day of how exactly you're feeling each day, so you can track when you start to feel better - it gives you something to look forward too. For me it was the insomnia from the steroids they give you to combat side effects that troubled me, but I learned that 25mg Amitryptaline each bedtime for the 3 days I was on them helped enormously.

Yes! My doctor said I would and despite my disbelief, I did! The first week after Taxol was sleepy but the next 2 weeks my energy resumed. My system started working better! And I kept focused on 1 bad/2 good which kept my spirits positive. Make yourself eat, drink protein drinks and green drinks. Nap and sleep when your body tells you. Walk daily no matter how far. Put activities on the calendar for the good 2 weeks so you feel like a human being. And I’m a person of faith so I leaned into God.

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Loorunner in reply to SGC2021

great advice - thank you x

Hello I think you will by Christmas. I had 6 chemo after debulking op last March, and chemo steal my whole summer )) But it wasn't too bad, never felt sick or nauseous, juts body aches and pains for few days. Try to walk every day if you can to get it out of your system. I haven't had ascites though been stage 4c....you will get better I was shit scared of chemo before but looking back now think it was a piece of cake ))))

great advice - thank you!

I felt wonderful after chemo. And even during it. I had a few rough days after each session and then two wonderful weeks before the next one. After the six rounds I felt like a new woman. No pain, very little exhaustion. I am inoperable but on a parp inhibitor. All best wishes x

that's so encouraging. Its funny isn't it - we hear so much about the grim side effects of chemo, but not enough about all the good things it can do! very best of luck xxx

Best of luck to you too. Try to eat a well balanced diet, avoid sugar, and drink plenty in the days after each chemo session to flush the stuff out of your system. That is what the cancer centre nurses told me and it seemed to work x

the sugar's going to be the hardest, but I've stocked up on some nuts, dried fruit etc for treats! xx

Well done, but watch the dried fruit and grapes as both are very high in sugar. I have gone on to sweetener to make custard and rice pudding. But do so miss chocolate xxx

Hi,I was diagnosed earlier this year and started chemo in April and finished in July. I have to say I felt so much better after the drain, so I’m pleased you are feeling better having had this treatment.

I was nervous when starting chemo, but the team at the hospital were great and answered all my questions. Don’t be shy, ask them whatever you want and tell them if you feel uncomfortable at any point.

I found the tummy pain subsided quite quickly into my chemo cycle and I hope you experience the same.

I wish you all the best with the upcoming treatment.

Have a great Christmas with your family.

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Loorunner in reply to MrsSkippy

Thank you- really helpful and best wishes to you xx

Hi Yes the chemo did the trick for me l have serious stage 3 ovarian cancer l had long sessions every 3 weeks for 6 sessions and yes it was hard going at first. But my body got used to the side effects etc., lost all my hair. But soon grew back after chemo and l loved my wigs so easy lightweight and l was ready before my husband. Im no good at technology too be honest but l wish l could show you before & after photos just amazing the difference. 2 years on lve been NED and just done a sponsored 100 miles walk for breast cancer research in my books if they find a cure for one the rest will follow. So dont read the internet for advice that will scare the pants off you.Keep yourself well eat well, and at all times stay positive you can get through this but admit its not easy at times. Incidentally l had de bulking operation in 2017 didn't have chemo till 2019

Because they thought l was clear in 2017 but 2019 my ca 125 went into the thousands . After chemo stable. Think positive keep well sending so much love you can do this & most if all enjoy life love & hugs SheilaFxxx

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Loorunner in reply to Realistic

Super encouraging- thank you! I'm on my 1st chemo as I write! Had a reaction to the carboplatin in 1st few minutes (bit scary) but its going in now! Very best to you x

I started chemo in July 2019 for Stage 3 ovarian cancer - carboplatin and taxol. One of the symptoms that had led to my diagnosis was abdominal pain. One day after my second chemo treatment I realized that the abdominal pain was gone - I almost wept for joy, thinking -- correctly -- that was a sign the chemo was working. That was confirmed by a scan after my third treatment . I had successful surgery and three more chemo treatments. Even with all the side effects chemo CAN make you feel better if you experienced discomfort because of the presence of the cancer. Good luck!!

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Loorunner in reply to Why4300

Great to hear. I'm just home after cycle 1 of chemo! Had a nasty reaction to carboplatin when it first went in, but ok after. All the best to you. Xx

I too had stage 4 oc three cycles chemo plus taxol then op then another three cycles. Everyone reacts differently The main thing I found overwhelming was the extreme tiredness but you will have your active time also. Just lie down when you need to and be good to yourself

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Loorunner in reply to Madmolly

Thank you. Today, first day after chemo, I feel fine but I'm expecting tiredness to come on when the steroids wear off. I'm just going to focus on eating well, trying to walk every day and staying connected and positive

That’s a very good attitude to take. Stick with it

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