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Re joining Healthunlocked

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I’m having to start from scratch because of a problem with my account


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Hi again. Think you’re the Gemmablackvelvet Angela? Xx

Sorry that should be gemimablackvelvet

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Yes that’s me. I was Gemimablackvelvet but I had to close my account because of various issues. Joining again was a nightmare. I still haven’t mastered it so bear with me until I get right. Thanks for replying

Love Angela x

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Gemimablackvelvet in reply to Hidden

I’m back under my old user name Gemimablackvelvet. Thank GoodnessLove from


I'm glad your up and running again. Sue xx

I’m glad you’re back with your same name!

Ahh Delia, thanks. I’ve got your message now.Love Angela x

Good to have you back! 🙂. Xx

Thank you - good to be back. If Delia sees this message, her message this morning just says this message hasn’t been downloaded. I have no idea why.? Or what to do. Love Angela x

Really sorry your having problems but love the new name, new you. All the best Sue xx😘

Hi Sue looks like I’ve been reinstated under my old name Gemimablackvelvet. I haven’t managed to put the photo back on yet. That’s my next tech adventure !!! It’s good to be back

Love Angela x

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