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I wanted to thank you all on behalf of myself and our daughters for taking the time to send a message, either on the forum or privately....they were all greatly appreciated and my daughters looked at each one with me.

Christina is being cremated at 1pm on the 21st and we have family coming over from the States and Eire.

We had always decided that half of her ashes will be taken (at a later date) to Ireland to go on her 'family' grave. The other half will be kept to mix with mine when the times comes.

I remember waking up the morning after the night before and for that split second you forget, then reality hits again.

As much as we all miss Christina we are thankful that her pain and suffering have come to an end - Christina like all you ladies, earnt the highest respect and admiration in the way you all face this disease with every emotion available to you.

I will pop in and out of this site over time, but wanted to thank you all and took the easy way out by doing a group post rather than individually.

From the bottom our our hearts....thank you for caring about Christina.

Laurence & the girls. xxxx

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Dear Laurence and Girls,

Thank you for your response, none of us expected this, but at the same time appreciate it that you have updated us, I will be thinking of you especially on the 21st and will light a candle at that time in loving memory.... Best wishes love x G x


Every best wish for the months to come.....hold on to the happy times.

Lynn x


My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family at this time. Xx


Dear Laurence and girls

Thank you so much for getting in touch , I just hope that your pain will ease in time. I am also Irish and understand the importance of family resting places in our culture.

Many of us will be thinking of her and you all on 21st.

Take care

Love and hugs to you all

Charlie xxx


Thank you for taking the time to post this. I know that this must be an incredibly difficult time for you, I simply want to say that just as we all cared for Christina, we also care about you. I was awed by the love and concern that came through in your posts about her and, as I said before, I hope you will keep on coming to this community whenever you feel the need to. With love, Cx


Thank you Laurence and the Girls for your post. We will all be thinking of Christina on the 21st and will be with you all in thoughts. Take Care. Love Trish xx


Thank you, Laurence, for letting us know how things are going for you, and your arrangements. I think you and Christina have planned a very nice way of dealing with her ashes. Most touching. Paul and I have planned that when each our times come, we will share the same grave. It gives a little bit of comfort somehow. We'll be thinking of you all at 1 pm on the 21st.

Thank you, too, for the helpful replies and support you have offered on the site, over time.

Take care, cling on to your happy memories, best wishes to you and all your family, Solange


We will pause on the 21st to think of Christina and remember the brave fight she, and you all, fought for the past few years.


Sue xxx


Dear Laurence and Girls,

Thank you for your post I am sure we shall all be thinking of you on the 21st. You will all be in our thoughts,

Please do remember us and do keep in touch.



Dear Laurence and the girls, stay strong and hang on to all those beautiful memories, you sound as if you have a lovely family to support you. I will light a candle at 1 on the 21st, remembering Christina's brave battle xx


My husband and I read your post and were so moved by it that we both shed some tears. We send you and your family all of the good feelings we have. You'll all be in our thoughts. Love Tina B


To dear Laurence and your girls

I am so sorry to read your news. I shall be thinking of you all on the 21st.



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