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Report someone [contains strong language]

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Admin, how do I report someone please? I am receiving messages from Paolo James who clearly is in the wrong place. He picked the wrong person too.

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Me too I have just reported his profile. Hopefully they kick him off. No profile and started following 10 contributors on day 1 Definitely dodgy. Lowest of the low attempting to scam in such a group. If you click on his profile there is a report button bottom right it goes through via email to admin for them to look into give your reason.

Me too. I have reported it. I found it quite scaryAngela

Do not be scared hunny.Be angry at the low life😡xx

Looks like he has gone now. Xx

It’s a silly young person who thought he’d engage with someone who he thought would be lonely. Ovacome are very quick to get rid of those sort. Usually they don’t get on the forum but these fake profiles are so prolific.

Best thing to do is report abs block. Don’t reply. He caught me on a bad day so I told him what I thought but to be honest , he wasn’t worth wasting time on. Please don’t be scared by him. ❤️❤️ xxxx

Good on you ! X

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Levanah in reply to Tillymint61

I think it’s my phone issue Tillymint61. But yes, I looked at his profile and he clearly has a new account and has started to be a pest. Sicko!

I tried to upload the screenshot onto my post but because I swore in it I think it wouldn’t allow the upload.

Thank you for reporting him xxx

Me too and reported x

Me too

I bet he wished he hadn’t bothered to message on here now. He got nowhere.

Cancer teaches us a thing or two about life and so if he thought we’d succumb to his sweet words he got a rude awakening. 😝

Well done ! Don’t mess with us mate. Sometimes there is just no better word . Xxx

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Levanah in reply to Artgreen

I wasn’t in the mood for such idiocy. With Luna missing, raging jaw bone pain and exhaustion I was less than my polite self. I let mystic down in a way for not being more witty.

No you didn’t. Being real and honest is just fine . Xxx

Oh Levanah, I hope you don't mind but your upload made me laugh. He really got put into place! No messing! I will definitely not mess with any one on this forum. I hope you have found Luna and your jaw is ok now, Sara x

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Levanah in reply to SASSY196

Thank you Sara. Yes, he was put in his place well and truly. How dare he prey on our ladies here. I’m afraid Luna is still not back. I’m devastated I have to say.

I’m off to the dentist in a moment . My tooth is hurting really bad now but he’s reluctant to do anything because of osteonecrosis of my jaw from prolonged hormone blockers. I can’t stand the pain too much longer. ❤️ Big love to you xx

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SASSY196 in reply to Levanah

Hope the dentist gave you something for pain and hoping that Luna returns x

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Levanah in reply to SASSY196

Yes he gave me antibiotics so hopefully that will help . Plus I take paracetamol and Tramadol if needed. Xxx

I like your ferocity but I’m so sorry about your jaw pain and your missing ?cat? Xx

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Levanah in reply to delia2

Aww thank you Delia2. I’m frantic over my cat going missing. She’s so precious to me. As for my jaw.. I now have an abscess so that’s why I’m in agony I suppose. Tough time right now! Thank you for your kind words xxxx

Looks like he has gone now. No notification from admin to say they blocked him so maybe he ran away scared when he realised who he was dealing with😀👍

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Levanah in reply to Tillymint61

Anna told me he’d gone so Health Unlocked had got rid of him after us reporting him. Xxx

Wow, what a strong response we may have the most horrible illness but we are still intelligent strong women, put a smile on my face too. Good luck with dentist and finding your beloved cat x

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Levanah in reply to Permafrost

Aww Thank you Permafrost. I think my grief of not being able to find my cat made me forget politeness. . In my head I just thought “no, you care not doing this to women who have enough to deal with”.

I have a dental abscess on top of bone thinning on my jaw so it’ll take a while to get better. As for the Luna my cat, I’m devastated. I cope with cancer far better than I’m coping with her missing 💔 xxx

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Katmal-UK in reply to Levanah

Just wanted to say I hope Luna returns home soon, that you find relief from your jaw/tooth problem and that fella picked on the wrong girl! Big hug xx

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Levanah in reply to Katmal-UK

Aww thank you Katmal-UK. I’m very down over stuff at the moment and I guess that silly young man just picked on the wrong person. How dare he target us eh? I get this sort of thing on fb and I ignore those messages but on an ovarian cancer forum where women are going through enough? That really was a step too far. Big hugs back at you honey. Thank you for your kind words xxx

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JustKBO in reply to Levanah

My cat went missing for over a week and I was beside myself. He strolled in the backdoor one evening looking very dusty so we think he got himself locked in a shed. Don’t give up hope keep calling her. Good luck 🤞🏻🙏🏻.

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Levanah in reply to JustKBO

Aww so glad your cat returned. It does give me some hope to know that. Thank you xxx

Oh, well done for your response. I dunno about you, but I've a lot less patience with idiots these days, not sure if its having cancer or just being old... probably both!

I strongly sympathise with your abscess pain, nothing worse than an abscess in the mouth, I hope it clears soon. And that your cat comes home, double whammy, pain and a lost cat..

In case the odd person is wondering, I've changed my name on here - had to, some unpleasant moron off youtube tracked me all over the place, which made me realise it wasn't wise to use the same handle everywhere...


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Levanah in reply to bamboo89

Thank you for your support and your kind words Miriam. It’s definitely a very tough time right now.

Sounds like you’ve had a bad time too with someone trolling you. Glad you’ve found a way around it. It’s incredible that people have time to do such things.

Much love to you

Diane xxx

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bamboo89 in reply to Levanah

Sadly, the amount of online abuse appears to have dramatically increased, in particular since Covid. I actually find it quite depressing because, never mind a Covid pandemic, there seems to be a pandemic of mis and disinformation as well as abuse with varied causes - plain stupidity, mental health problems, ignorance... I did not realise there was such a high percentage of people with these problems, but then I suppose there's nothing like fear to bring out the worst in people; or perhaps reveal their true nature. These are difficult times...

I really hope Luna returns soon, having lost a cat myself, I know how it feels. She was blind and elderly, but somehow managed to find her way back after 4 days, even though we'd not long moved home. It's not an experience I'd want to go through again...


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Levanah in reply to bamboo89

You’re right Miriam, there does seem to be a prevalence of online bullying or trolling etc. Then people have the audacity to use #bekind 😝 They don’t seem to equate their actions in any way to bullying etc. Perhaps they’re bored abs like drama.

Thank you re your support . I’m glad your cat returned. It helps me to stay positive when I hear stories like yours. Today I woke up and immediately started crying. It’s the realisation that today is another day without knowing what has happened to Luna.💔 Much love to you Miriam xxxx

So sorry you've had to put up with this idiot. Hope the dentist got you sorted. Stay strong. Wendy xx

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Levanah in reply to Jack1066

Thank you Wendy. I’ve got antibiotics so hopefully that’ll help relieve the pain. Xxx

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KH59 in reply to Levanah

Hi, just wanted to say have you tried using warm salt water to flush your mouth out with, at least twice a day? I found that really helped me when I had bad pain from a gum infection. It worked better than Corsodyl which is too strong and just dries your mouth out. Hold the salt water in your mouth as long as you can before spitting it out.

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Levanah in reply to KH59

Thank you. I’ll give it a go as anything is worth trying right now. Xx

Contacted me also. Do I still need to report it or is he gone?

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Levanah in reply to TNkit

He’s gone now TNkit. Bet he won’t come back 😝 xx

Fucking sick idiot that man. This is real evidence that evil exist.

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Levanah in reply to Hope4allG

Yes I agree. He’s Someone without any idea of what it’s like for us and wouldn’t really care. He just saw an opportunity to prey on vulnerable women. Xx

Be mindful that this could be a Romance scam. Trying to sweet talk in the hope that someone who maybe feeling low and vulnerable may reply, befriend them and then start asking for money somewhere along the line.

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Levanah in reply to Four_ducks

My thoughts too. It smacks of complete dishonesty .

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