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Does anyone know of a spa who can give treatments to someone with cancer?

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Ladies. Apologies for the random question.

My mum has had a pretty tough year and is feeling a little low so my sisters and I want to do something nice for her upcoming birthday. We were talking about a spa break but we know that treatments can only be given by those specially trained for dealing with those with cancer.

So my question, have any of you any suggestions/recommendations? We live in Buckinghamshire but would be happy to travel to surrounding areas if needed.

Thanks in advance. X

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I haven't asked about this, but last time I went to center parcs in Woburn there was an article in their guest magazine that said they now have beauty therapists trained to give treatments to people with cancer. Worth a phone call I think. The spa is amazing there. Can definitely recommend. They do spa days or even spa stays. Hope u find somewhere. Xx

Thank you so much. I would never have thought of going there. I shall call tomorrow and post when I have a response. Thanks again xx

I had no idea there was a difference I was thinking about a spa hotel maybe I need some research

LA xx

We've always been told there is a difference and the people who provide the complimentary therapies in the hospital are specially trained. Not exactly sure on the reason but maybe cell stimulation? X

At Sopwell House in St Albans, Hertfordshire ( all the therapists are trained in cancer wellness. They will discuss with you what treatments and products are appropriate and safe for your mum. I’ve had some lovely treatments there.

Cheryl xx

Thank you so much. I'll look into that one too and see if they have availability for Mum's birthday. Xx

If you want to and can travel a bit further Monart Spa near Enniscorthy in Ireland provides fantastic treatments appropriate for people with cancer. Not cheap but good value for what you get.


I've been to lots but all wanted a letter from my consultant saying that spa days are appropriate. Some of them are chains too which should be in your area (but I'm not allowed to name on here).

Happy chilling....

Sandra x

There was an interesting article about this in The Guardian a couple of years ago & maybe some useful links...

Thank you all so much for your replies. It's a question of which one to go for now! xx

Try nirvana spa at sindlesham. Very expensive but a lovely place. And not too far away, between Wokingham and Reading.

I went on a weekend away including spa...was refused my was 5 months after chemo and she said needs to be after 6 months. Something to do with lymphatic drainage. They gave me complementary manicure. I was a little disappointed but we had a wonderful weekend xx

Not sure. I think spa is ok, but aroma therapy massage must be v gentle & not within a year of treatment. Even then, only as long as your Mum is NED. My friend Julie is a masseuse & says it’s stimulation of the lymph glands which cd be problematic & it’s best to err on the safe side.

A great spa in UK is Forest Mere Champneys-check on-line for specials & stay the night.

When your mum well enough, take her to a Hammam in Morocco. Essaouira fab. Awesome- gentle or intense in all the right ways.

Good luck.

Oh, you have to tell therapist before any treatments

Thank you. Mum has had some minimal growth in the last three months of one of the visible tumours so she is not on any form of treatment at the moment. They are giving her a break and then we will start either another hormone therapy treatment or potentially a trial MEK inhibitor. We'll know just before her birthday! Otherwise she is very well and leading a very active life. I guess at the moment, given the blip, she is having some down moments. xx

I know it is not the same as a spa but my local hospice offers complimentary therapies including massage, reflexology, reiki etc as part of its day care to clients.

I am still receiving active chemo and am not classed as terminally ill but they are still able to offer me a service. They are of course fully qualified therapists and very experienced with cancer patients so it maybe worth a call to enquire.

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