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MRI Scan report waiting times in UK


Hello Ladies,

It’s been a stressful time as I’m currently undergoing tests for a complex cyst. I had my MRI done with a Private scan as referred by MK hospital last Saturday. The radiographer said it usually takes 7-10 days for the report to ho back to consultant.

My friends and family are suggesting the hospital would have called me by now if there is anything worrying. I’m not sure if that’s right? Could you share your experiences and wait times with MRI please?


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Hi Nora, I got my results back really quickly but I had a rapidly growing cyst encasing the tumour and the MRI showed a pulmonary embolism so I had to inject blood thinners sooner rather than later. I think usually the results are discussed at a MDT meeting, a plan of action formulated, if one is necessary, and then you’ll get the results from your consultant who will have all the information you need.

7-10 days sounds about right to me. I think your friends are being just that, friends, and are trying to put your mind at rest.

Take care and don’t hesitate to ask any more questions if you feel the need, we’re here to support you. Good luck lovely ❤️Xx Jane

Nora82 in reply to Cropcrop

Thanks much Jane. ❤️ to you!!

I had mri last Friday and report was on system straight away but was told report goes back to referring consultant in seven to ten days. I am in Ireland but if you are worried ring your consultant

Nora82 in reply to suzuki

Hi Suzuki I called the secretary of the consultant today and she checked on the system and said they haven’t received the report and it’s usually about a week she said. She had taken my number and said will check and call when the report is available. Hoping it will be next week. X

suzuki in reply to Nora82

I hope so Nora, wouldn't it be nice to have it and not have to worry about it during Xmas. I think there is a shortage of Radiologists and this causes a back log

I had a mri scan for a possible ovarian mass on the 4th Dec and was told I would receive results in 2 - 3 weeks. I was extremely anxious so 6 days after scan I rang the mri secretary and she forwarded the results to my gp. So it may be worth giving mri secretary a ring. Thankfully ovaries were clear but I do have three big fibroids. Hope you receive some goid news.

Ps. When I rang the consultants secretary I made no progress but the mri secretary should be able to forward the radiologists report to your gp.

Nora82 in reply to Joridley

Thanks so much Joridley. Glad yours was not OC. I’ll contact the MRI secretary today. X


I’ve had 3 MRI scans this year.One private and two on the NHS.

Just wanted to echo the same thoughts as the other lovely ladies....7-10 days for the report to be referred back to the consultant and then discussed at the weekly MDT meeting.

Always worth calling the secretaries to let them know you’re concerned and ask the consultant to reassure you.

Also worth remembering the vast majority of cysts are benign.

Sincerely hope you receive the support you deserve.

Best wishes,Clare x

Nora82 in reply to CJR99

Thanks much Clare. This community is offering me lot of support. X

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