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someones listening

hi all,so what could I do to prolong my moms legacy,what would she of done herself I asked, up and at em`,I contacted the Health Secretary rt hon Jeremy Hunt MP and barraged him with questions as to why OC did not get the media coverage that certain other cancers did,I explained the very great need for earlier detection,and so on,angry but polite I got my message across,surprisingly his office replied and following a few more nudges in the right direction a certain Eamon Maloney whom is Minister for Communications at the DoH,has said from Jan-Mar 2013 an increased campaign will be raised about this disease,along with certain EU/UK joint consultations along with the relevant charities we should start to see an increase in media awareness,but alas I stressed the need for more and more GP`s to be "Quicker on the ball" as it were apparently they are to liase with health chairmen across the country to look into isnt much ladies but a little snowball starts an avalanche,and my fav saying from a small acorn does a large oak grow,keep fighting and keep planting those acorns eh! xx

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Thank you for this Shaun... Best wishes love x G x :-)


Well done Shaun..good to know we have you fighting for us. Love Linda xx


Hi Shaun,

Some of us are going to Portcullis House on Wednesday 28th November to meet up with some MPs re Ovarian Cancer we will be able to have our say so I think we will be pushing the subject of GPs. I know when I went to my GP he said I had a twisted bowel how wrong he was.

We will post when we return so watch this SPACE.

Love Babs x x x


Well done Shaun and thankyoux


Thanks so much for doing this Shaun..



Thankyou Shaun - pleased you haven't forgotten us and I do

hope you are ok.

Angie xx


Good for you, Sean. Your Mum would be very proud of your actions. I'll be there on the 28th Nd we will certainly raise the questions of early diagnosis. Thank you

Love Wendy xx


Well done Shaun and thank you. What a wonderful way to commemorate your Mum.

Monique x


Thank you very much for doing this. I have felt many times that once you are diagnosed with OC the medical community sort of right you off. We need people like you to help raise awareness and also get the treatments we need, ie Avastin for those who recur. In my 1st recurrence I asked and was told it was only available here for 1st line. Now it is available for 1st recurrence!! Many women in other countries are on it successfully when other things have failed.

What a tribute to your Mother, well done.


Dear Shaun ,

As Wendy has so rightly said in her message your Mum would be so very proud of your fight to raise awareness of OC .

I keep trying to get my doctors surgery to display the posters I take down to them ..they do not like to mess the walls up !!! but have noticed the little cards the size of a credit card are going fast .... ... Oh ! why do we have to fight to spread the word when all cancers should have equal air time on TV and in the press and radio ...

Thank you Shaun ..

Love Jan xxx


Hi Shaun

Well done- I'm going to Portcullis House too next week so there is going to be a lot of flag waving.

Yesterday I went to my GP and was incensed to see that an OC awareness poster had been half covered over on the information board, although they did have plenty of leaflets on another table!

Hope you are coping with everything else ok.

Best wishes



Thanks for the snowball Shaun. Your mum would have been happy with this. I'm afraid there also needs to be some form of regular health-check for the over 50s because it's time then to take stock in a medical environment to assess how we all feel. Other countries have this but we lag behind with our health service only being responsive rather than proactive in preventing disease.

It's good there's going to be more activity next year leading up to Ovarian Cancer month. As Babs says, more needs to be done with GPs - though in their defence I was told the average GP only sees 4 patients in their lifetime with Ovarian Cancer. Shame it had to be us!!!

love Annie xxx


I'm a bit late commenting Shaun, having been laid low with a tummy bug since Monday. but I had to add my thanks. What you have done is absolutely brilliant.


Mary xx


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