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D day


Well the first day of chemo is here won’t say I’m not nervous but I am determined to stay positive and fight this horrible cancer so here go’s 1pm today I start the fight of my life xx

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You go girl. Hope it all goes smoothly xxx

We are all here supporting you with love 💕, strength💪 and understanding👭. Good luck- you’ve got this. Jan. xx

You can do it xxx thinking of you xx

Good luck, I remember my first day well, terrifying! but as it turned out not nearly as bad as I was expecting. Try to relax, sit back feet up, read a good book, enjoy your sandwiches and drink. xx

Hope it went well..the first is really scarey but gets easier when you lnow what ti expect.

You’ll get to look forward to chemo days eventually. I know I did. The nurses are kind and friendly and make you fell special. The sandwiches are good and drinks are served regularly. (No alcohol-sorry) 😀. I, like all the other Healthunlockers , wish you a long and speedy recovery Love Angela xx

I never got sandwiches, not even treats. Where did you get your chemo at?

polo2014 in reply to stparker54

Clatterbridge centre liverpool x

Weston Park Sheffield If you have a late afternoon appointment it’s just a cup of tea or coffee I’m afraid. I always take a picnic box with me in case it’s too late. Usually if you ask you’ll get something though


Hope it’s going well xx

Wishing you the very best! You sound like a true warrior 💕

Good luck, you will be fine and it will go by in a flash. I always took my “chemo bag” with my kindle in, earphones, a few nice treats etc in but often didn’t use any of it as there’s always something going on or someone to natter to! Get the first one under your belt and you will hopefully be sailing. Sue x

I hope yesterday went well. I didn’t find chemo a problem at all (but think I was determined not to). Apart from the foul taste in my mouth I quite enjoyed just eating crumpets, crisps and all things white/beige. Also quite enjoyed the rest! Take care x

You'll be absolutely fine l'm sure, think were all a wee bit anxious at first but actually its not that bad at all. It at least it wasn't for me l had very long sessions l was there all day but most are out within a couple of hrs. Take a book, magazine & some goodies usually get hot drink & sandwiches. So just chill love & hugs sent your way. SheilaFxxx

Wishing you lots of luck. It is so good to be positive xx

I had mine last week. I had sleepless nights. When I got there I felt like running out. Mine was very long was there from 8.40 to 5.45. Now I’ve been the bits I don’t like is the cannula and the time. You will be very well looked after. It will be worth it. Stay strong and tick those sessions off as you get them done 💪 xx

Congrats. The hard part is waiting. Big hugs from france

Very best of luck xx

You'll be fine, the nurses are lovely and really look after you. All the best Sue xx

I remember how scared I was last year. Once you get that over you'll find your way through. Mine was all day so I had a bag of goodies mainly ginger in lots of forms. The nurses are so kind. Have a book or listen to radio. I kept in contact with a lot of my friends on social media who gave me lots of support. I also found lots of other people wanted to chat the day away and realised that lots were in a far worse situation than me and so positive. Hope all goes well 😊🦋🙏

Hope you do well on chemo. Hugs, Donna xx

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