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Unable to drain my Ascites


Home now 😩 unfortunately it didn’t go well, First they had to do another blood test ( I had one done yesterday to save time) waited over an hour for the results, then 1.30 hours for porters to wheel me down to ultrasound they couldn’t get any fluid off after 2 attempts they said they would have to leave it, so I’m sill waddling around like a pregnant duck 🦆 it’s down to the chemo next week to do it’s stuff.

Absolutely shattered up at 6 didn’t get home till 2.45 need to chill out now

Take care

Christine x

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I’m sorry that you could not obtain the relief you need. I hope the chemo works quickly, Christine and that you will soon feel better. Sashay

So sorry to hear that you couldn’t get your ace ties drained . That sounds like a long day for you . Try to chill out now . Hope your treatment works quickly 🙏🙏

I wonder if you have what they call loculated ascites, they thought thats what I had and chemo dried it up in the end.I think it means it collects in little pockets in your abdomen

Broader in reply to rosebine

It sounds like that could be my problem, I did feel it was a bit too soon to drain me off but oncologist was aiming to start the chemo with a clean slate.I’m sure it’s going to be fine, I’m not in pain just uncomfortable.

X Christine

What a horrible day. I hope you are resting up and that chemo does the trick x

So sorry you have had a horrible time to no avail. Hope you can chill and rest a bit now and that the chemo does the trick. 🤗 Jackie

Hoping all goes well xxx

So sorry your ascites could not be drained and the waiting is so exhausting. Now you are home try to chill out if you can. I hope chemo works quickly for you. Take care.

You reminded me of when I first had OC and needed a chest drain put in. Some poor junior doctor tried for about 30 minutes and came to the conclusion that I had thick skin and no space between my ribs!The consultant took over gave a quick shove and liquid poured out of me all over his shoes.I went home very bruised but at least more comfortable.

Good luck vivxx

Oh that’s so funny viv 🤣

Hi ChristineSo sorry you are having a bad time.

Hoping the chemo has the desired effect and any side effects will be easily managed.

Get my scan results next Wednesday, it's a really anxious time!

Thinking of you


Good luck with your scan results, will be thinking of youChristine x

Do hope the Chemo will go well and do the trick. I find every procedure in my Chemo unit always takes longer than expected but I don't mind as it gives me a nice rest away from home, reading in a comfy chair. (Have been Shielding since second week in March so it's nice to be out. )We laugh and say it's my only social life nowadays. But hospital always takes far longer than it says in all other departments, sitting on uncomfortable chairs. Not so good!

Best wishes, Solange 🙂

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