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Doxil and Avastin

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Hey guys

I just wanted to know what to expect from this drug combination

I had my first round and felt pretty good

had very few side effects. Should I expect this through out my whole treatment or is it cumulative?

Please let me know your experiences with this drug.

I’m clear cell stage 2c grade 3

I’m being treated for a recurrence and I’m platinum resistant

P.s I had my second round yesterday feeling a little crappy so I may be answering my own question.

Have a great day guys

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Dear Jasel,

So sorry to hear you have had a recurrence of your awful cancer. I am currently on Doxil (Caelyx in the UK) in combination with Carboplatin, as I am thankfully still platinum sensitive.

I have never had Avastin, but loads of ladies have and their experiences vary wildly, so you will get many replies about this drug or you can just search Avastin by itself.

My experience with Doxil is very encouraging. I just feel lousy the first week. No appetite, very weak and tired, but no joint pain.

I just baby myself the first week, but as soon as I turn the corner on the seventh day, I begin to feel strong again. There is no brain fog, so I can drive the car.

Also, I am keeping all my hair! That’s a bonus!

Just pay attention to your digestion, anti nausea meds and keep your body moisturised from top to toe and you should be fine.

Best wishes,


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