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Hope and Love for us all


Hi everyone, well it’s coming up to Christmas once again , cannot believe how time flies.

Have been reflecting on all our Overcome ladies. This past year has seen the loss of many dear and special friends. May they all rest in peace. The year has also seen much suffering and extreme bravery in the face of such adversity.

I am sometimes at a loss to comprehend the foulness and evil of this disease that strips life away.However what always shines through is the sheer strength and determination of so many of us.

The kindred spirit shared by all of us and the support we share I am sure sustains is through many of the dark times.

Love you all and enjoy the forthcoming Xmas and the love and joy shared with family and friends.

JackieO xxxx🌲🌲🌲🌲☃️☃️☃️🎄🎄💐💐

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Beautiful Jackie. Thank you, appreciated by all I'm sure. Lovely, lovely words ❤️Xx

Oh Jackie. That is so encouraging to read. Although I'm relatively new in the forum, I share those sentiments with you. Hope you have a meaningful time this Christmas and the new year brings fresh hope in your heart.


Hi JackieO

Like you I have been reflecting on all those wonderful women we have lost this year.

I feel sure that if they could tell us anything they would say be grateful for every day, try to enjoy every day and don’t sweat the small stuff ❤️

What a beautiful and thoughtful post. Seasons greetings Jackie xx

Well said Mum xoxoxoxoxo

How lovely Jackie. It's been a tough year on the forum but as ever, we're better in it together. Much love to you. Xx

Thank you for your kind thoughts, Jackie, summing up what we all feel at the turn of the year. We're older and a lot wiser. This business certainly makes you grow up! Wishing you a lovely Christmas season . x

I'm relatively new here but your post chimed, and I can understand why you feel the way you feel about this disease.

I am possibly a bit weird but I keep thinking to myself why NOT me? It seems now that 50% of people will have cancer at some stage in their life. And I guess that its helping me be less scared, bitter and angry ( although I can still get there especially if I dwell on the fact I asked for a CA125 from the GP last year and was refused). I do let the anger out too by writing it out. This forum has helped me to see I'm not alone - so thank you for that everyone.

My weirdness has even extended to wondering what this disease is trying to teach me. (Low grade serous stage 3, and I've now had 2 of 18 Carbo/taxol and taxol only chemos despite it being a more chemo resistant type).

I'm actually not seeing it as evil - I know I don't want it but I've been a psychotherapist working with the conscious and subconscious for 12 years after 30+ years in corporate life and one of my gurus, Prof. Sir Cary Cooper wrote several books on Psychosocial stress and cancer. Adding to the stress by being afraid of it may even deplete our immune systems more because it releases so much cortisol. So I'm not exactly friends with it but I am listening. And being a bit kinder to me. Taking time to appreciate the little things. They and time are the most valuable things we have. And I'm trying to stop catastrophizing and being grounded in the here and right now. With an eye to making some plans for an environmentally low carbon UK holiday when the chemo is over. There- I really am weird.

I do wonder, looking at a lot of the posts here whether the lessons might not be to stop, admit I need help, allow people to provide it instead of being the one who thinks they are responsible for everything and for making others feel OK. And not feeling guilty about not seeing my 95 year old Mum who continues to live independently an hour away and refuses point blank to relinquish any control.

I hope you all a happy Yule and a very happy and stress free new year.

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