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Hi all you Lovely Ladies! I saw my Oncologist on Wednesday and although cancer had previously shrunk 88% on carbo/caelyx, there was still a bit of tumour left, but on study of the recent scan, tumour hadn't increased, so no more chemo, check ups every 3months and if any pain/symptoms I'll be having radiotherapy. Have just done a camping trip to Uluru/Ayers Rock with Hubby, have been feeling really well, 2 Grandchildren due next year, so God is Good! Has anyone else been in the situation where they have radiation as tumour maintenance if and when any symptoms occur? Here's one of the photos taken whilst on holiday! Love and Blessings, Dawn!!🌻😀🌻

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I had stereotactic radiation this summer for a small hip muscle recurrence, my scan turned out stable but I still have pain. But I expect pain is usual from rt anyhow

Great news Dawn , looking good too xxJuliaxxx

Hi Dawn,

You’re looking good gal! 88% sounds really good! I don’t know anything about radiotherapy for OC, but it sounds like your team have got things under control for you. Long may it continue Dawn.

Love from wintery England xoxo 🍃🍂🍁🌤

Great pic.Camping trip sounds good. 88% reduction sounds fantastic.

Happy to hear that you’re doing well! You certainly have a lot to look forward to with two new grandchildren on the way! 😊💕

xx Gina

Looking good and enjoy

The holiday! Great news about your tumour too. Can’t help regarding radiotherapy but let’s hope it’s not needed xx

Great news and great pic!

Great photo. You look too young to be a grandmother! I've had radiation twice. Both times just one zap on a small back tumour that pressed on a nerve coming from my spine. Helped each time. However, I was told at the time there are three types of radiation when I expressed my surprise (and pleasure) at only having one procedure each time.

Hope all goes well with you, Solang 😊 Xx

Great to hear you are doing so well! Wishing you all the very best with your future grandchildren and many many more holidays. Lyn xx

So glad to hear and glad also you are ENJOYING and doing things to make you happy. The grandchildren will be such a joy! oxoxox Judy

Omg you look a million bucks, Dawn. I'm so so jealous. ;) . Glad you enjoyed your holiday, and the tumour is much reduced and stable. Just keep an eye on it and meanwhile I trust you will be enjoying life. Xx. Maus

HI Dawn. So pleased to read your positive post hope it continues.. Take care Lorraine xx💙💙

Great news, Dawn - long may it continue 😀. Very happy for you - and you look fabulous 😁. With very best wishes, Mel x

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