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Chemo finished just on Avastin now


I began suffering from from side effects after my 5th cycle of carbo/taxol and avastin and my 6th cycle was cancelled which I was relieved about. CA125 down to 20 and everything else seems good. I am suffering from exhaustion, shortness of breath and neuropathy as well as being neutropenic - all being side effects which seem to have built up. Being on the ICON8B trial, I have now gone onto 3-weekly Avastin which will be so much easier to cope with after having weekly treatments for months.

I am very optimistic at getting my life back now and growing some hair!!!

The NHS has given me tremendous care, surgery and treatment - I am so very grateful.

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Dear Marie,

Congratulations on having a good result to the horrendous treatment schedule. Sounds absolutely gruelling.

Take your time recovering. Get as much rest as you can and give yourself little tasks to accomplish each day as your bloods build back up.

It takes a while, but suddenly your strength will return along with your hair!

Hair comes back curly, which is a huge shock, but I think I wore my wig for about 3 months post chemo.

Sounds like you are in the best position to stay healthy.

Best wishes,

Laura are a step closer to the good bit! Avastin is very different to the roller coaster of chemo. Hopefully you will put all those nasty side effects behind you and begin to feel more like yourself again xx

Well done, Marie.. that's a good result.

Hopefully most of those side effects will gradually subside, now that you're only on Avastin. They did for me, except some pesky peripheral neuropathy pain in my feet which I'm still struggling with 3 months on. Still, those too will eventually go away.

Wishing you a swift recovery. Start living :) . Xx. Maus

Hi Marie,

I’ve been having Avastin since May, missed a few because of surgery and poor urine test results, but on the whole things are much easier than chemo. Be prepared for different hair, mine is grey and has a bit of a curl. I was a straight haired blonde (dyed to cover the grey). Can’t say I’m embracing my new look, but putting things into perspective it’s not such a huge deal.

You will begin to feel more like you as time goes on.

Sending hugs


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