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Remission , recurrent ovarian cancer.

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I am interested in how second or higher remission in advanced ovarian cancer was achieved, surgery, chemo or both? Is it possible to achieve remission just with chemoterapy?

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Just to add that so far my mum both times achieved remission with surgery followed with chemo. But both times after surgery ca 125 was normal with clear scans. This is the first time no surgery but chemo. Possible surgery if chemo results in response.

I had surgery then chemo and went into remission, I recurred and got chemo only, radiotherapy for smaller recurrences, Everyone is different. It is better if you have surgery and chemo. Sometimes surgery may not be possible. I notice you are Croatian, how is OC tireated there and what drugs are used for Chemotherapy. I have been to Croatia, Dubrovnik and Montenegro, It is a lovely country

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Hi Suzuki, yes I am from Croatia and treatment here is pretty much the same like in other European countries - of course gold standard at diagnosis is primary debulking surgery in order to achieve complete resection with residual disease '0'. This is always followed with 6 cycles of chemotherapy (taxol/carboplatin or cisplatin). For recurrence if possible secondary cytoreduction again followed with second line chemo which can be same as first line or gemcitabine etc. For cancers which are BRCA related parp inhibitors are used as well.

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Gosh I really wasn't expecting to hear that my brother has visited Croatia We haven't long got Parps in Ireland, previously it was a trial basis. So yes got Gem on recurrence with Carbo. Glad that ye have good availabity to drugs

Hello to CroatiaI am not sure whether my situation is similar to your mums as I am stage 4 and my treatment has always been palliative to keep things at bay rather than curative.

But in case it is helpful to share I have had only one surgery at initial diagnosis which was a radical hysterectomy in early 2015 which was preceded and followed by chemo.

As expected I did not achieve No Evidence of Disease but it got rid of enough cancer so I did not need further treatment until May last year. At that point I had another round of three chemos which again slowed the cancer down giving me another 15 months without needing treatment.

I am now in the middle of my 3rd line of chemo which I hope will do the trick again.

I understand that I am not a candidate for surgery due to the spread of the disease.My impression is that my pattern of treatment is not unusual.

Sending best wishes to you and your mum.


Thanks for your reply. my mum was initially stage 3c, and both times she was NED and both time this NED was achieved with surgery and chemo only for non visible (microscopic traces of disease).

Hi Ivanco. I was diagnosed 3c November 2011. I had surgery followed by 3 months chemo, then more surgery (with IP port installed too), followed by the final 3 months chemo. Remission for 18 months. When it recurred, I went on carbo/caelyx along with Avastin for the usual 6 months. In remission with avastin continuing to date (4 years) as maintenance. Best wishes. Pauline.

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Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me how often do you get Avastin, every 18 days or?

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Hi Ivanco. I have the avastin infusion every 3 weeks. I had a port put in my arm and it's been a God-send - as has the avastin. Pauline.

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I’m new here. Had radical hysterectomy three years ago then 6 months chemo followed by 6 months Avastin. It’s now back on my liver. I’ve started Carboplatin, Avastin & Gemzar, if I have that last one right. It’s so good to see that others have survived a reoccurrence because it’s so hard to face fighting it again.

Thank you all for sharing.

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Hi WoolyHat. Yes, it's a blow to get a recurrence. But be re-assured that ON your liver is far preferable to IN your liver. Best wishes. Pauline.

Hi there,I think the answer is yes, remission can be achieved with just chemo after a recurrence but your PGS or long term chances of longer remission is far higher with surgery first.

What have you been offered? What are you considering?

Nicky x

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