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Recurrent Platinum sensitive ovarian cancer

Do you have recurrent platinum sensitive ovarian cancer?

May 2012

Please note that the interviewers have sufficient people to talk to for the first round of interviews but they will be looking to conduct a second round in the autumn and if you are interested in being involved please conatct Rachle Lewington direct - email address below

Ovacome have been asked by a market research company who are carrying out a series of interviews as part of the development of a new treatment. They would like to talk to women affected by recurrent platinum sensitive ovarian cancer (PSOC) ie cancer that has recurred but still responds to a platinum drug - about how the condition effects your life and about the side effects of the treatments you take.

They would like to talk to you on the phone or in person (whichever you are most comfortable with) for up to an hour. You would receive a small honorarium for your time and the information that you give will be helpful in the development of this treatment. All interviews will be carried out by Rachel Lewington, a director at LDA Research. We will not pass your details on to any third parties and will treat the information that you give with respect and with strict confidentiality. We follow MRS and BHBIA codes of conduct.

If you would like some further information please contact Rachel at: Many thanks.

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Hi Ruth

Would be pleased to help out. Let me know I'd you need me to do anything. Have had this for 4 years now and have just started 4th line treatment.



Hi Ruth,

I would also be happy to help out with anything that might give us a "New treatment in the future".

I have just become "Active" again after nearly 3 years remission.



Hi Ruth.

Would be happy to help out. I am currently " in remission" following 2nd lot of surgery. I am always happy to do anything that might help future treatment but I am not sure whether the fact that I became allergic to carbo platin will make a difference.



Hi Ruth,

I am in remission after 3rd line - carboplatin and gemcitabine this time round. I am now allergic to carboplatin and will need cisplatin next time round.I would be happy to be part of the interviews.



Hi Ruth,

Always happy to help.




Hi Ruth,

I have just started 4th line Gem/Carbo, not sure how it will work as my last remission was only 4 months. I pushed for this combo as so far carbo has been remarkable at beating it back . 1st time carbo/taxol, 6 months remission, 2nd caelyx/carbo 7 months remission and last time carbo alone which seemed to work very quickly and I ended up with the lowest ever CA125 of 9, but recurred in 4 months, so dont know if I will be of help to them. Like everyone else I will do anything to help further the cause.

Thanks for your help to all of us



Hi Ruth

I have recently finished 2nd line Carbo/Gem and am in remission. Had Carbo/Taxol first time around in 2009/10. Seems to be doing its job at the moment. Would be happy to help out.



HI Ruth

Happy to take part. I had 10 months' remission after each bout of platinum chemo and now on parp inhibitor for this recurrence.



Happy to help if required. I have just started 4th line chemo - carboplatin each time, the first two with taxol. I was first diagnosed 10 years ago and had two longish remissions (bith after surgery combined with chemo) then much shorter remission last time.




Would be pleased to help out!



Dear Florence

Thanks for getting in touch and for offeing to be involved in this. The researchers have now got enough people for the first part of their research but if you are interested in being involved in the next phase of their research they would really like to hear from you. If you are interested can you contact Rachel direct at the email address above.

Many thanks again

Hope you are keeping well

Best Wishes



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