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Special Person update


Hi lovelies,

Just a quick update we saw my special person’s oncologist today and it’s good news her CA125 is now 10 after 4 Carbo/Taxol 4th like treatment, so that’s it for probably another 6 months hopefully longer but knowing the way she goes it’s 6 months. Hope you’re all as well as you can be lots of love xxxx

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Hi, Glad to read your post good news hope it continues,,give my love to your special person and yourself, Take care Lorraine xx

That's wonderful news K. After all the upset and turmoil it's the best news. My love to you both xxxxxx

Great news xx

Good news. 🤞for longer.

Best wishes


Hey, great news! Always pleased to hear about remissions!🌻🐞🌻

Great news ,

Sheila x

Wonderful news xx

Great news!xx

Good news.

Good news. So pleased for you. Jo xx

That’s brilliant news and here’s hoping for a long remission xx

Fantastic - long may it last! Ali x

Wonderful news, long may it continue.

Ellsey xx

That’s really good news thank you for sharing it with us, hopefully it will be more than 6 months for her this time, big hugs and love to you both ❤️Xx Jane

Good news for you both! So glad to hear its working (or worked!) May you both enjoy each and every day and positive thinking she could go longer than 6 months! oxox

That's great news. xx

That’s wonderful! I was just thinking of you both this morning and wondering if there was any news. Fingers crossed to a bit longer than 6 months 🤞 Vicki xxx

That is WONDERFUL news! So happy for you and your daughter!



So pleased for your mum (and family) - long may it last. Gwen xx

That's awesome. Wishing her well, and thank you for the update. Xx. Maus

Hi lovelies,

Thanks for your replies, we can only hope it’s longer than 6 months, but going with her pattern it’s likely to be March when she’s back on chemo. Hopefully they’ll offer her Orlaparib as her oncologist thinks she has a BRCA like gene xxx

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