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Triple negative diagnosis


Hi all

Diagnosed August 2016 and then again April 2018 with triple negative. 1st time I had a lumpectomy, chemo (which I felt really I'll with) and then rads. This time a mastectomy and then two out of four chemos so far... Complete with two lots of nutrpenic sepsis!! Haven't spoken to my onc yet but her nursing practitioner hinted at chemo may not continue and then the specialist nurse rang to say the same. Do they not think I had that idea in my head. Was feeling really too I'll to have that conversation couldn't they just have waited till I was feeling a little stronger? Love and prayers to you all. We are in this together xxx

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Hi Ybarra,

You’ve had a rough time with the two lots of sepsis. Maybe the nurses thought you might be dreading another chemo...and wanted to reassure you? I’m sure your team will have another plan.

Just to say this is a site for Ovarian Cancer. You will find one for Breast Cancer too on HU.

Best wishes,


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