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Hello ladies

On the front page of the telegraph today Health Minister Mr Howard slated the NHS computer system.

I have been experiencing extreme shortness of breath to the extent that if I walk upstairs I have to collapse on the bed for five minutes with heart and head pounding. Wonderful hubby decided to try and find the reason. Yesterday morning he told me I’m suffering from low red blood cell count. I agreed this was probably the cause so phoned the nurse who said she would pass this on to the doc. Within an hour she phoned me back telling me to go and get a blood test. I duly had the test at 11.45. By 1.45 she was back on the phone to confirm and had booked me in for another blood test today and a transfusion tomorrow.

I have to say the NHS in my area are wonderful and their computer system seems to be first class.

Thank you NHS and hubby.

Kathy x

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Hi , That’s great , have to agree with you , yes I have had a few glitches but mostly it’s been good xxJulia

As they say, if you want to privatise a system, first demonise it then suggest it work better if it made money for shareholder. Just like the railways!

I think the NHS is excellent, it, and lots of the wonderful people who work in it saved my life in 2014. Every system has its faults but we only hear about the bad ones in the media, like they say good news doesn’t make good headlines. Often the computer systems are only as good as the people using it.

I’m pleased you’re getting your transfusion, and what a wonderful service from your GP practice 😊. I had 2 transfusions before my surgery and both made a huge difference to my energy levels and general well being, I hope you see big benefits from yours too.

Good luck tomorrow ❤️Xx Jane

Sitting in my chair now. Hope to be skipping out by lunchtime.

Hi Kathy,

Just looking back at your posts. Having met your husband, I can see he looks out for you and wasn’t he a good detective about your symptoms? I really hope the transfusion helped 🙂

Linda xoxo 🔆🥂🔆


Have to say he a great support, always on my case.

The transfusion was brilliant, it changed me from feeling like a ninety year old to somebody thirty year younger, if only!!!!

From 👵 to 🧓

Kathy xx

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