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Tip if you’re flying


I don’t often fly so this may not be news to those of you who do....

I got hauled over in Stansted as I had 2 plastic bags of liquids etc. One of which was spatone and meds of one sort of another. Oh no, only allowed one bag (sure we had no problem with more than one when flying to Italy earlier in the year...). Had to prove I was a cancer patient....I’d taken everything out of the boxes to save weight with Ryanair.

I was told that if you have the prescription you can have an extra bag. This would have saved a lot of time. So next time, keep it in the box or take a paper prescription or doctor’s letter.

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Great tip Mac! My friend had to throw some stuff away last month when we flew over to the Isle of Man cos hers were in 2 bags and they told her only 1! I too think this must be a new ruke or the other thing to do is get a bigger clear bag to stick your stuff in as I don’t think there is a size limit just a number limit as mine was a pretty large bag to be honest xx

I knew about only one bag no more than 20 cm x 20 cm but I didn’t know you could take an additional bag if you had a doctor’s prescription with you. Very useful to know. Thanks.

Thanks - very useful to know.

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