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A day I was so happy to see


Dear Friends

I hope you don’t mind me posting a happy picture of my twins. On Friday all the family, and Godparents went to watch William on his Passing Out Parade at Sandhurst having completed an intensive year of physical and mental training. He joins his regiment next week and will be going to Kenya for hot weather training next year and then to Iraq in a supportive peace keeping role. My daughter Izzy is a newly qualified junior doctor, having graduated 3 weeks ago. She is working in palliative care at the moment at St Peters Chertsey so in at the deep end. She is hoping to do the London Marathon next year for either Ovacome or Target Ovarian Cancer. They have both had many ups and downs along the way, but this was a truly proud moment for us and a lovely respite in the midst of Carbo/Caelyx. Sending you all love, Sophia xx

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What a lovely picture, you have every right to be immensely proud. XXX

SCWI in reply to Hidden

Thank you Lisa, hope you are doing well😊

Wonderful picture you must be so proud of them and what a handsome coupke a kids!! Well done. Best of luck to you all and thanks for putting some nice news up...awesome hun xx

SCWI in reply to Angie-69

Thanks Angie, sorry I sent reply to your last post by mistake xx

What a truly lovely photo Sophia, you have every right to be proud of two lovely young adults who have both found their way, despite obstacles, and are forging their futures in worthwhile careers that serve us. Thank you for sharing this with us, I hope your treatment is doing it’s job lovely, congratulatory hugs ❤️Xx a Jane

SCWI in reply to Cropcrop

Thank you so much Jane, so kind of you and so happy you are well. I am doing fine and only one more treatment to go. Xxxx

How lovely - glad you got to enjoy the day - I have my sights set on my son getting his PhD late next year x

SCWI in reply to Coldethyl

Hi Debs

Thanks so much, I am sure your son will get his PhD in great style and please post us a photo. Xx

What a fantastic occasion - I bet you were a super-proud Mum! Two very talented children you have there. I hope my pair turn out as well as yours have.

Vicki x

SCWI in reply to Yoshbosh

Thanks so much Vicki. I am sure your girls will be wonderful citizens. Enjoy them while they are still in the nest and rejoice in all the happy times ahead and share the pictures with us please!

I hope you are feeling ok after your first dose on the trial. Xxx

Such accomplished -- and attractive -- young adults!

SCWI in reply to Nancy222

Thank you Nancy. We have had blood sweat and tears and they still bring home laundry 🙄x

I hope you are doing well on Caelyx. Xx

Nancy222 in reply to SCWI

Hi Sophia. My sister and I often brought laundry to my mom's. It was a form of multi-tasking. Got the laundry done and a visit with the folks.

I've had one session of Caelyx and am tolerating it well. Thanks for asking. How's it going with Carbo/Caelyx?

SCWI in reply to Nancy222

Thanks Nancy,

Yes the laundry seems to go on indefinitely!

My first treatment was pretty awful with terrible nausea but I think that was because I became quite ill with bowel issues when I recurred. The others have been much more tolerable with better anti sickness meds and it seems to be working fine. Only one more to go. Hope it works well for you. Xx

Nancy222 in reply to SCWI

Only one more to go -- that has a lovely ring to it. I hope your bowel issues have been cleared.

I'm just happy that I don't have that overwhelming metal taste in my mouth (not sure if the baking soda/water swish I do after eating accounts for neutralizing my mouth) and my low grade nausea is managed with soda crackers (like the pregnant women use).

Take good care of yourself.


SCWI in reply to Nancy222

No I don’t have the metallic taste either thankfully, that was horrid on first line Carbo/Taxol. Xx

I will do the same if they are my children! What a proud moment. You have every right to be the proudest mummy!. Well done to your twins and of course to the proud parents! Take care.xxx

SCWI in reply to Luchie

Thank you Luchie.

I do hope you are on the Niraparib by now and doing well? I am hoping to start Olaparib in the Autumn. Xx

Great photo and what a memorable occasion. You must be very proud of them both.

SCWI in reply to January-2016-UK

Thank you Helen, we have to seize the joyful moments when we can😊. Hope you are doing ok. Xx

What a lovely picture of your beautiful children. So well done. Wishing you all the very best with your treatment xxx

SCWI in reply to Manchesterlady

Thanks very much Sheila. I hope you are doing well. I have one more treatment and it seems to be going well. Xxx

Such a gorgeous picture of your amazing children, you have every right to be proud of them for their great achievements!!

I also have boy/girl Twins, they’re now 13 (my daughter is also called Izzy) so going through that teen phase...😅 hope to come out the other side soonish!!

Thanks for sharing this lovely news Xx

Liz 💖

SCWI in reply to Lizz49

Thanks Liz, I left a message on your previous post, so happy you are NED and enjoy your lovely twins xx

I was in St Peter's Acute Medical Unit last week!

Thanks Rachael,

I was glad to read that your experience was mostly positive. I hope you are feeling much better now and good luck for your next treatment. My daughter did her elective working for a gynae surgeon, who although she didn’t operate on me was part of my Multi disciplinary team. Quite a weird feeling! Xx

How wonderful Sophia! What great news xoxo 🥂🔆🥂

SCWI in reply to Seasun36-uk

Thanks Linda, hope all is going well for you. We must have our Midlands meet up. Xx

Brilliant! A lovely picture and a very proud moment for you xx 💖

SCWI in reply to BeeWild

Thanks Bev, I am so happy you are doing well on your treatment 😊xx

BeeWild in reply to SCWI

Thanks xx just going for taxol number 12 😱

What a beautiful couple of people, I have a boy and girl too I am immensely proud of and so you should be.

My daughter has given me 2 beautiful grandkids and my son is with a lovely girl about to buy their own home. They are both in good jobs in the city and I love them to bits.

We did good girl! enjoy every moment, it is precious and so are we😀

Carole xx

SCWI in reply to Caroles1

Thank you so much Carole, I saw the photo of your beautiful little Grandson, I hope to be a Grannie one day 😊 xx

What a proud picture and moment! Stay well xx

SCWI in reply to jools53

Thanks Jools, hope you are doing well on the Avastin. Hugsxx

jools53 in reply to SCWI

Ca rising but scan shows stable! So thinking what next😡

SCWI in reply to jools53

Yes, I had the same, but that lasted for two years! Hope you carry on being stable xx

jools53 in reply to SCWI

What did you have after 2yrs? And how’s things now? Where about s are you in the U.K. xx

Wonderful photo and you have every reason to be so pleased and proud 😊 Best wishes for great results from your current treatment.

xx Gina

SCWI in reply to gmc920

Thank you Gina, hope you are doing well and those gorgeous dachsies are keeping you smiling xx

What a fantastic picture you must be so proud of them both. It’s these moments that make it all worthwhile. The fight to see the next phase of our lives

Much love

LA xx

SCWI in reply to Lily-Anne

Thank you so much Lily-Anne, I am very touched by your kind reply . Love to you 🤗xx

A beautiful photo, you must be very proud. They look like really lovely people!

It's so lovely to be able to share and cherish these special times. Xx

SCWI in reply to sticky3006

Thank you Sticky, I hope you are recovering from your surgery now and feeling stronger xx

Lovely pictures - how proud you must be. I’ve just done number 2 of 6 Carbo/caelyx - not enjoying it much, but needs must I suppose!!

Hope all goes well, best wishes, Ali x

Thank you Alifit, you will get through it. Mine has been very spaced out due to low bloods which although not ideal has made it more bearable. Xx

What a lovely picture! Such good looking twins! I have twin boys - one is a butcher, the other a sheet metal worker! I've got 2 more rounds of Carboplatin/Caelyx to go! Gid bless! Dawn!xx🌺

SCWI in reply to babyboy1

Thank you Dawn. Lovely to hear about your twin boys, they are probably more alike than my two are.

Good luck with your last two Carbo/Caelyx and I hope it is going well for you. I loved your post with the 🧡 shaped fruit cake. I love chocolate too but have developed a taste for the really dark stuff 90% cocoa! Xx

babyboy1 in reply to SCWI

It's still milk chocolate for me! I particularly love Terry's Chocolate Orange! Oh well, why not eh!? As well as the twins, I have 3 other boys, no girls, but 1st granddaughter due in January so family life all going well! Enjoy the dark stuff!xxxDawn!😀🌺😀

SCWI in reply to babyboy1

Wow, what a wonderful family, I bet they keep you busy. Xx


Beautiful family

SCWI in reply to Hidden

Thank you Lucia, you are so wonderful the way you care for your precious mother, hope she feels better soon after her de bulking, it is a big operation and takes time to recover. Xx

Can understand why you are so proud, a lovely family and both have accomplished so much.My best wishes to you and your family..Take care Lorraine xx

Thanks so much Lorraine. I do hope they sort out a really good treatment for you soon, you are a brave and resilient lady like so many on here. 🤗 xxx

What a beautiful photograph, thank you for sharing your good news. It must be a fantastic feeling to know that your nurturing has helped to form two such lovely souls. All the best with your treatment. Jo 🌺🌼🌸🌻🌹

SCWI in reply to ShropshireJo

Dear Jo

Thank you for your lovely words, much appreciated. Yes it is a great feeling but it has been a bumpy ride for them both at times and it will be again, not all balls and champagne like the picture! Not so many months ago Wll was sleeping in a dugout trench in the snow for a week. It is just a relief to have them out in the world earning a living from something they love doing.

I am sorry you have been having a tough time lately and hope they get your treatment right next time and you feel better. You have done so well. 🤗 Xx

What beautiful, high achieving twins, you must be so proud! These special moments are just the best gift of life.

SCWI in reply to Perthgirl

Yes they are and often few and far between. I hope you are are doing alright Perthgirl and thank you for replying 🤗 xx

Beautiful 🌻🌻🌻

SCWI in reply to Howick01

Thanks so much Howick, glad you are wellxx

What a super photo. You must be SO proud of your twins. Hope you were feeling well enough to really enjoy the day and good luck with the rest of your chemo. Love, Solange xx😊

SCWI in reply to Solange

Thank you Solange. I am so full of admiration for your courage, resilience and upbeat spirit, please keep on keeping on. 🤗 hugs to you xxxx

What a lovely photo and a happy day for you and your family.Hope all the treatment goes well for you xx

SCWI in reply to mrstadpole

Thank you Mrstadpole, please let us know how you are getting on xxxx

Hi SCW1 my hubby is the events manager at RMA Sandhurst, he organises all the events. I am also the Officers Mess manager, although off on sick at the moment during 2nd line treatment.

It’s a beautiful place to work, you must be very proud.

Ellsey xx

Thank you Ellsey, your hubby must have done a lot of the hard work for our lovely day and for the ball in the evening when the photo was taken, much enjoyed by all the newly commissioned young officers and their guests. We had a delicious and beautifully organised lunch too. Thanks so much. Good luck with your second line treatment, Im on second line too, and hope you can return to work at Sandhurst when you feel strong again, it is indeed a beautiful place. 🤗xx

Oh you must feel so proud, filled with such joy. The "kids" look happy too-no doubt also that you were there while in treatment. And wow--their accomplishments are amazing...you have to be proud of that too---thank you for such a lovely post for my morning! oxoxo Judy

SCWI in reply to Maxjor

Thanks so much Maxjor, it was a proud day after many ups and downs for us all. I was so thrilled to read your last post and see how well you are doing on Olaparib. I am starting that after chemo all being well and hope to follow in your footsteps! 😊Keep well xx

I hope you do too. And it was Carbo/Caelyx right before the Olaparib for me as well. Please keep us posted on that (as well as your lovely family). I so understand the ups and downs--making the days like the one you posted all the sweeter. oxox

SCWI in reply to Maxjor

Thanks Maxjor, I am a bit worried about how I will tolerate the Olaparib, my bloods have been struggling on this chemo, I guess it will be trial and error. Xx

Thank you ladies for all your lovely comments, much enjoyed and appreciated. However I assure you they are no angels, and the mess kit was not such a pretty sight when he got home, the dry cleaner will be tearing his hair out! 🙄xxx

A couple of candles to lighten your darkness. What a lovely picture and congratulations to them both.

I hope you are doing okay. Zena xx

Thank you so much for your lovely reply Zena, yes that is a beautiful analogy, I love it.

I am delighted you are doing so well, I’d love to know your secret. You are a great inspiration to us all and it’s kind of you to stay on the site with all your helpful encouragement and advice, as many in your situation would have checked out by now. 🤗xx

You must be so proud of them ❤️ what a lovely photo xx

SCWI in reply to Emalou71

Thank you so much Emalou. I really hope your weekly Taxol and Trial drug are going well. I had weekly taxol with Carboplatin every third week for first line. 😊 xx

Emalou71 in reply to SCWI

Hiya thank you, it seems to helping the team here are pleased, my ca125 is down and one of masses has shrunk by 6ml so encouraging. I do however have a clot in thigh so have started daily injections in tummy!! I had the same as you for first line, I'm now platinum resistant.


SCWI in reply to Emalou71

Well done to you, hope that things continue to reduce, and hope the clot goes away, my Dad had one of those. Xx

Your twins are both intelligent and gorgeous to look at! No wonder you are proud of them. Best of luck with ur treatment!

SCWI in reply to Clearcell-lady

Thank you Maryanne for your kind words and I hope you are continuing to do well.


Clearcell-lady in reply to SCWI

Dear Sophie,

I'm keeping quite well, even though I'm almost scared to admit it. I'm 19months post treatment and officially NED!!

I feel I'm almost back to normal except for my numb toes which are a result of peripheral neuropathy due to the Carbo/Taxol chemo. I also have developed wheat and dairy allergy so those foods are off limits to me. Otherwise, I'm feeling energized and optimistic. I do get those horrible thoughts of impending doom re future recurrence but I try my best to control them.

I live everyday with hope, but I'm still totally grounded and know things can change without much warning. Thanks for asking. Keep strong!

I will try, thank you. Even with NED, the magic words, it is still hard to get past OC but it sounds like you are doing all he right things, keep well😊

What a beautiful photograph of your talerted twins. You have every right to feel incredibly proud of them both. I'm sure you all had an amazing day. Thank you for sharing with us.

Thank you Sian, these make moments make everything we are going through so worthwhile. I loved the photo of your daughter on her Graduation Day, what a lovely family and such a happy day for you all, very best wishes xxxx

Such a huge achievement, I can feel your pride and am glad you had a wonderful day. Good things still happen in our lives, it’s those things that build us up and help us push on through treatment. I’ve got twins too, we are blessed xx

Thank you so much for replying Jessica, especially as you have been having a frighteningly time recently. I had a small pleural effusion on recurrence and that felt scary, let alone what happened to you. I do hope you are well on the mend and they have done the pericardial window for you.

Lovely to hear that you have twins too, I expect yours are still children.

Sending you love xxxx

What a gorgeous photo! You are a credit! Well done to you. Best of luck in the future x

SCWI in reply to Kakabud

Thank you Kakabud, I was so sad to read that you lost your beautiful Mammy to this terrible disease, she was lucky to have three lovely and caring daughters, such a gorgeous picture of you all. Xx

Aww what a lovely photograph. So glad you had a really lovely day. Hugs xxxxx

Thanks so much for troubling to reply Suzanne 🤗🌸

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