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I had a hystorectomy in may last year and they left my ovaries in , since op I have had pain in my left side and was sent for a scan for a

Suspected hernia but it turns out I have a large cyst on my left ovarie , I seen consultant and found out on Friday and he sent me directly for a cv 125 test .. Phoned today and silly receptionist said results were in his tray and he would call be in the morning when I asked what results said she said they are in the range now I don't know if its the heathy or unhealthy range so asif I wasn't worried enough I am more worried .

He has told me I will be having my ovaries removed no matter what he outcome of bloods and ct scan is .. So less than a year since hystorectomy and I am going in again .

Feel so confused at the moment .

Sorry for long rant x

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I am so sorry you have this worry,what an insensitive receptionist, just sending you my best wishes or a good outcome love x G x


How horrible for you, Sandra. Just want to kick some of these people up the jacksie, don't you? I hope that the medical team are working quickly to safeguard your future health, which is the main concern, isn't it? However, it's a worry for you until you can get from them what your treatment plan will be. Sending you a cyberhug and all my best wishes.

Love Wendy xx


Thanks for replays ladies ..

Nothing else for it tonight but a couple of glasses of wine and try not think about it too much , I have told my 21 year old but not my 12 year old I keep looking it him and thinking no matter what happens I ain't going to take this sitting down x


Hi there

Welcome and so sorry that you are going through this. Fingers crossed your results tomorrow will bring some reassurance...low c125 is good news but an operation to remove the cyst will tell them exactly.

I had a second operation 5 months after the hysterectomy , not much fun but it is doable , honestly.

This waiting and wondering is the worst bit ....I really feel for you.

Love and big hugs

Charlie xx


I had ovary and cyst removed, then a full hysterectomy 4 weeks later, it's no fun having the operations close together, but as long as you listen to your body and rest when you need it you'll be fine.

When my specialist talks about within the range, they always are referring to normal levels, try not to worry about anything until you know for sure, worrying is bad for your wellbeing and you need the strength for your operation.

Good luck



Thanks ladies I am feeling a little better tonight so glad I have found is support group , will let you know what my consultant says when he phones in the morning x


All the best for your results. It always annoys me when receptionists fob you off with the "I'm not medically trained" comment. I want to scream "then get someone that is!" Mind you, at least that's better than an ambiguous answer you received. I would have thought the consultant would have rung you straight away if there was reason for concern.

Good luck



Why don't you go along to your doctors and ask for the results or ask for them to do a blood test. CA125 levels can be raised by several things going on so you shouldn't stress too much over the numbers and my Onc told me that what ever the CA125 level is it has no bearing on the end result. I had three operations last year and at the time it was horrible but you soon get over it and move on better to get those little devils out asap.



Great news cv 125 levels are normal, CT scan booked for 9th April so 1 happy girl today , I know I still have to have operation and not completely out of the woods but bloods being clear is a very positive step .

Sandra x


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