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Daughter with small cell cervical cancer.



My daughter is just about to start her 3rd chemo cycle Cisplatin and Etoposide.

She is then meant to have 5 weeks of Radiotherapy but has said she does not want this as she wants to have a baby. Unfortunately she had a bad experience with the harvesting of her eggs. A lot of pain and only 4 eggs were able to be frozen. As she is only 31 and no children yet we feel that she should have a chance but feel that we should be encouraging the radiotherapy as it’s a very aggressive cancer. Any advice welcome thank you.

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It is a difficult decision but it does have to be her choice. Radiation brings risks of its own. Have you discussed this with the radiologist? I would also seek a second opinion before committing to a treatment that raises questions.

LA xx

Hi. It's a very difficult, personal, decision. I'm also in the same position- im 33, no kids, currently stage 1 cancer but have staging surgery next week to see if its spread and whether i will have chemo etc. I have had a number of very blunt conversations with my prof, fertility experts and husband. I was offered fertility preservation which I did and have some reserves in a freezer. But I have also explored egg donation and after alot of thought I'm happy to progress if I get the opportunity to try. My oncologist was very very supporting but also very honest- deceased people can't have children. Once he said that it really hit home that preserving my life is first priority. I know that sounds obvious but I so desperately want children that all my surgery and treatment to date has been to preserve my fertility. If I don't consider more aggressive treatment then there is a chance I won't be around to have children. It's a very hard reality, especially in your 30s and it's taken a while for me to get my head around my options. I've been on this journey for 2 years (with 2 miscarriages inbetween ops) and it's taken me that long to work out what I'm ultimately willing to do if I have to. There are a couple of us in our 30s and 20s on this site. Your daughter is more than welcome to contact us if she wants to talk to others in the same boat 😊

Jen85 in reply to Jen85

Also, I was offered a treatment where they take out strips of your ovaries, freeze them, then put them back in after treatment. If you haven't already been offered that maybe worth asking to see if shes suitable candidate.

Angiemcd1 in reply to Jen85

Thanks Jen it’s hard to talk to my friends and family as they don’t really want to think about the prospect that she could die from this. Even my husband her dad won’t talk about it. Too painful.

She was having fertility treatment before chemo began but it felt very rushed. She is adamant that she won’t have the radiotherapy as she isn’t in a relationship and wants time to think. Considering IVF at moment. Thanks again for you reply.


Hello Angiemcd1

It sounds like you and your daughter are having a really difficult time at the moment. I just wanted to let you know about Jo's Trust, the cervical cancer charity. They have a website, information, helpline and a forum. The link is here: jostrust.org.uk/about-us?gc...

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes


Ovacome Support Service Manager

Many thanks 🙏🏼

Hi, This is a very hard decision for your daughter when I read about the young ones with this disease my heart goes out to them.

As Jen said you can't have children if your deceased I think she has to look arfter her self first before she makes any decision, could she have a second opinion.

I think Jen's idea she get in touch with her and the other ladies on the site in the same situation could help her. Take care and give your daughter my best wishes and you keep in touch .Lorraine xx

Hugs to you. Your doc nailed it and I'm glad you are listening.

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