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Diagnosed with cervical cancer

Hi people this on here for a general chat I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2013 had my major operation in 2014 to be told in 2016 I am terminally ill with anybody feel free to have a chat

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Hi lovely and welcome 😊

We're always around for a chat I'm on here because I support someone with OC and find the ladies on this site amazing. We all share our experiences with each other and someone will always answer if you ever have any worries xx


Thanks for get bk


Hi there, when you are told news like this you end up in a lonely place & we are a lovely group on here.

I would also suggest looking at cervical cancer website's the more you have on your side the better. I am not on facebook but I have heard its good for things like this.

One thing there are a lot of ladies that are told the same news as you & they have lasted a long time. I was given 6 months to live with chemo & still here 2 years 2 month. It's not easier & the other night I was so depressed I really wanted to end it with my sleeping tablets but I got all my photos of my lovely family out & realise I have to fight so I can see them grow up.

Are they still offering you treatment? I have oc so I can't give you any advice on that but if they are find out what else they can offer you. We are in the same boat & all I can say is keep fighting!!! Take care Cindyxx


Hiya lovely, what a nice photo, nice to meet you.

I'm so sorry you've had this diagnosis, but there are people who have far outlived the expectations of their medical team and I really hope you are able to prove them wrong.

On health unlocked there is a specific group for cervical cancer and they know and understand just what you're experiencing and may be better placed to help you. We are ovarian cancer ladies but are all here if you want to chat about anything at all. I hope you are as well as you can be, sending big hugs and lots of love ❤️Xx Jane


Thanks for getting bk


Hi thanks for get bk to me just finish my radiation

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Hi Miriam48

I'm just following on from Cindy's suggestion that some cervical cancer websites may be helpful for you. Here are some you might want to take a look at:

The Eve Appeal is a charity for all female gynaecological cancers, including cervical. They have a forum on HealthUnlocked at the following link: healthunlocked.com/ask-eve

Jo's Trust is a cervical cancer charity. They have lots of information on support on their website at the following link: jostrust.org.uk/support

Jo's Trust also run a online support forum through their website at the following link: jostrust.org.uk/forum

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes


Support Service Manager


Nowadays cervical cancer is becoming very common in most of the women throughout the world. It occurs when abnormal cells on the cervix grow out of control. I also had this cancer found at very early stage through a test called Pap test. So, i started taking it's treatment. Because if it is found in early stage, it's curable. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy was given at the same type and pelvic lymph nodes were removed. Now, i am perfectly alright with the grace of God.


ill get right into it. i am a cancr survivor. i used to have cervical cancer, but i managed to beat it, and now im totally cancer free. while that is fantastic, the whole ordeal has left me completely infertile. i dont want that to be the reason i back off though. i want to have a family, and i have been looking at egg donation and surrogacy and i am pretty sure its a good way for me. we have been looking at this place in ukraine that offers btoh of those services, and i am really excited to join the program too. i was wondering if any of you had opted for surrogacy, and how was the experience? thanks!


Hi Emily, if you look above, a couple of posts before yours, you may find Anna from Ovacome's comment helpful. Best wishes, Sx


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