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Slightly elevated ca125 with transvaginal and pelvic ultrasound unremarkable. Is it safe to say I don’t have ovarian cancer?

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Hello Everyone,

Like many of you, I’m currently in the processs of undergoing tests to rule out ovarian cancer. I had a visit with my gp today, and although my ca125 was only slightly elevated (38), and my ultrasound came back “unremarkable “ she is scheduling an mri, hopefully within the next two weeks. I should also include I’ve been experiencing abdominal bloating for about 6 months now (I look about 5- 6 months pregnant), and wake up to lower back pain that keeps me awake. I have very, very subtle pelvic pain, so subtle I wonder if I’m imagining it. My only other symptoms would be ankle swelling, headache, indigestion, and severe exhaustion. I guess I’m just curious about the mri. I know I have symptoms that may suggest ovarian cancer, but my ca125 was only slightly elevated and nothing showed on the ultrasound. Am I missing something? Is the mri really necessary? I don’t want to sound gp is an incredible doctor and very thorough. Is there something she might know that I don’t? Im 45 years old with no family history of ovarian cancer or breast cancer. Can the mri potentially show something the ultrasound completely missed?

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The answer is yes.

The MRI is a much more sensitive tool, although most of us diagnosed with Ovarian cancer have CT scans.

But you bloating and exhaustion are big symptoms that need to be investigated further.

Bravo that your GP is concerned and hopefully you can get to the cause soon.

You should also have a repeat of the CA-125 test to monitor for changes there.

I wish you the best of luck,


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Jonesdee in reply to Lindaura

Hi Lindaura, and thank you so much for responding. My gp did mention testing my ca125 again, once the mri is complete. Do you have any idea why an mri would be ordered instead of a CT scan? I’ve read the CT scan is more frequently done, but I can’t seem to find any information on why that might be the case. I really do have an amazing doc. She always takes my concerns seriously, and isn’t afraid to test further. Thanks again for taking the time to reply. It’s difficult to shut down your own racing thoughts, so to have support out there is very much appreciated.

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Lindaura in reply to Jonesdee

I am not sure exactly why she is asking for an MRI, but she could be looking for a scan of everything in your body, ruling out Breast cancer, bone lesions, etc from your neck down.

Sounds scary, but seems pretty thorough.

After this, and you have your CA-125 run again, she might request the CT scan for another look.

So sorry you have to deal with this, but hopefully you will get that MRI ASAP, and rule out lots of issues.

Best wishes,


Hi there ..

Hi there,

Ovarian cancer is a relatively rare disease. On average, a GP sees one case every five years.

Like has been said by Laura, your GP has been very vigilant and bravo to her.

Your symptoms are also symptoms of other diseases so try and not worry too much. Easier said than done, I know.

The CA125 is not a good diagnostic tool. For example, it can be elevated if a women has endometriosis or fibroids. It’s a marker for inflammation. It’s much better used to track the disease. So, I also think repeat tests are a good thing.

Sending good wishes your way.

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Jonesdee in reply to TinaB1

Hi TinaB1,

Thanks for the info and quick reply. Like you said, ovarian cancer is rare, so I should try not to let it take over my thinking so much. The waiting is much waiting. Do you think, perhaps, that not finding any reason for inflammation during ultrasound, was the reason an mri was ordered? It seems from what I’ve seen online, this is where most doctors stop. Having unremarkable results, would lead most gps to the conclusion that I’m fine. But something in my gut tells me otherwise. I know something isn’t right. Thanks again for your response! Finding support from others in this forum is really helpful.

jonesdee, thank your lucky stars your doctor is paying attention! I had ALL the symptoms you're having, went to five different doctors, explained I was ALREADY a breast cancer survivor, had a TV ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound, endoscopy, cystoscopy, colonoscopy and not one of those doctors checked my CA 125 or ordered a CT or an MRI. So, after YEARS of looking for help I was finally diagnosed with late stage 3C OVCA in the ER of a US Hospital. Most early stage OVCA will NOT have an elevated CA 125! You are very, very fortunate that your doctor is going to either RULE OUT or discover disease that can be CURED in it's early stages. See my profile for more info. A big hug to you.

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Jonesdee in reply to Tesla_7US

Thanks for responding Tesla_7US! I think I will check out your profile, to get some more details about your journey, particularly since you had similar symptoms. I didn’t realize ovarian cancer could progress over years. I thought it developed over a period of months. I have so much to learn. Thanks so much for your support!

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Tesla_7US in reply to Jonesdee

Even though I have the very common hi grade serous epithelial- which grows on the outside of your organs until late stage when it infiltrates-- it takes a long time for it to progress to the point that symptoms are evident. By the time I knew something was REALLY WRONG I had swelled up in about 26 hours to a 7.5 month looking pregnancy! My doc told me I had it for 2-3 years before it caused enough symptoms, however, when diagnosed, if left untreated, I would have suffocated in a few weeks. On CT scan the cancer had filled up my entire abdomen with cancer and ascites. So, again, you are quite fortunate to have a doctor aggressively working to determine root cause and to rule out OC. :)

Dear Jonesdee,

many times Ovarian cancer discovered by the patient himself and not by

Doctors or CT ,MRI and other procedures. CA-125 in the normal level is not

real sign, therefor this cancer discover in it's higher stages.

your description let me think on unlimited brazen effort to search and discover the

real cause of your un bearable situation. using second or third opinions of

good experts is highly recommended.

I wish you all the best and much better health.


I think you go is being thorough better safe than sorry and find its not. Don't want to be negative but mine did not show on ultrasound. I had a MRI and then c.t scan a n d latter showed it up. I was exhausted and bloated. So best have it and get everything ruled out. Good luck

I would wait on results. I was 45 no family history of any cancers and a normal CA125 reading. Because there’s no screening it’s about a multitude of tests. It doesn’t have to be a solid tumour

Based on your post though your results look promising good luck

LA xx

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