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Another Newbie


Hi all,

Am post op, newly diagnosed and not even staged yet, but I wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who contributes to this forum. There is so much inspiration, so much bravery, so much help offered from people who maybe don't feel that well themselves but are happy to help anyway - I'm just blown away by you all !

So, thanks to this site I've moved away from dismal thoughts and set up a battle plan. I'll go along with whatever the next medical step is, but I'm also looking at diet and I'm particularly grateful to Eileen for the information on Ibuprofen. It's a drug I've always avoided (stomach issues) but I'll be doing a rethink about that!


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Hi Lynn, Glad you found our site I've been on here 4 years now and with the advice and encouragement from some amazing ladies, it has help me a get through some hard times.

Glad you are feeling a bit more positive, once you have a treatment plain in place you will feel even better, keep in touch take care Lorraine xx

Hi great advice from Lynn. I too have been here for 4 years and fighting this thing for over 5. It is a nice community and helpful. Good luck going forward. Hopefully one day you will have advice I can use. 😀

Lovely to meet you Lynne, sorry you had to join us but welcome. Stay strong and positive x x

Extending a warm welcome to you, Lynn. You've already made it through the surgery, that's good. Fingers crossed for the final staging/pathology results.

Maybe it's borderline and you won't need any further treatment.


Welcome to this forum Lynn! You have already seen how helpful it is 🙂 Keep going with you battle plan!! 🦁🦁🐯🐯

Your, that is, sorry! Lions & tigers for strength & courage! 🐆🐅🙂

Thanks all for the warm welcome!

Maus - it hadn't even occured to me that it could be borderline! I'd convinced myself in my head it would be bad.

Made a mistake today...have been reading the 'wrong' things on here and talked myself into facing a not very good (or long) reality. So I've swung from really optimistic to a bit depressed. Oh well, I'm guessing this is the way of this disease - a lot of ups and downs!


Hi Lynn

You did really well by sharing your depressed moment with this site. We can't blot out the down feelings but just airing them will help because you will come to realise how much we care for each other and it also reduces the strain you are putting on your non-virtual support group. Coming to terms with the disease is a gradual process but hopefully things will turn out better than you were anticipating in your dark moment. The waiting is difficult so good luck with that and let us know how you're getting on xx

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