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Help please

Help please

Last march I had a procedure that ruptured an ovarian cyst, it was probably cancerous as was having cancer symptoms I'm now very very poorly bleeding from the bowel in complete agony and very scared. I sleep all the time and now my consultant says another cyst is there and my bowel is damaged what or who can I turn to for help no one will listen I'm pulling my hair out struggling with severe pain and my gp won't help. I've had 8 major surgeries lost 4 organs from them rupturing inside me I've no bladder that ruptured no womb that too ruptured I've had a duodenal ulcer rupture perforating my bowel so why won't they listen to me saying help I know I've got cancer but they won't and I'm really ill now coughing up blood and feel so tight cheated I've got severe stabbing pains in my aorta and free fluid in my abdomen, black stools with coffee grains, I've joint pain so bad I can hardly walk, I feel like I'm dying and no one cares, my 3 kids see mummy fading away

What can I do to make them listen and look at the areas of the body I know I'm in trouble with, a cancerous cyst that ruptures causes these symptoms so why aren't I being helped I feel they know they've been negligent and hoping ill just die how bad is that

Can anyone help me please I want to get better xxxxx

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So sorry to hear about your problems.Do you have a friend or relative who could speak on your behalf or could listen at consultations? If you don't feel you are getting anywhere write to your MP or local newspaper;you have a right to be heard.Have you heard of Crossroads Care? They might look in to things for you.Good positive wishes . Mo, and what a lovely photo


Hi Gemkins, please ring the Ovacome nurse-led helpline today- they are incredibly experienced and supportive. The number is 0845 371 0554. I wish you strength and hope Sxxx

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Do what I did go a&e and don't leave until someone listens and helps,it worked for me,take someone with you,it took me 12 hours to have my worse fears confirmed,and now 18months later I am still,ps you have to shout every yvonne x


I agree with Yvonne, you need to go to A&E. You are obviously bleeding from somewhere internally. I would have imagined that they tested the cyst that ruptured for signs of cancer at that time. You need scanned to see what's going on. You are entitled to ask for a second opinion, even in your GP surgery, but today, given that you are bleeding and in so much pain, I think a visit to A&E is definitely called for. See if someone can go with you. Good luck, and let us know how you get on. Ann xo


Hi, so sorry to read your post, I agree with the others. Get someone to watch your children, make a list of your symptoms, wrap up warm,take something to read, if you can take a close friend, or Mum with you, go to a & e and do not leave until u have had a full investigation, even if you have to do a sit in. Again I am no Dr or nurse, but coughing up blood, bleeding,and the stools you describe indicate internal bleeding. I say this because of my experience with my husband with bowel cancer and stomach ulcers. I feel very cross that no one is sorting you out. Please let us know how you get on and the best of luck. Trix


I agree with all of the above you do need medical care, go to a and e, ring Macmillan nurse in your area and please get help.


Hi, I was really sad to read about all the severe problems you have been exoperiencing,whilst at the same time raising a family. Do you have a partner,mum or close friend who may help you sort out your medical problems

You say that neither your consultant or Gp will listen to you.They have a duty of care and procedures to say that you think you have Cancer,have you asked for blood tests and scans? If not you must do so. It may be advisable for you to make a list of all your symptons, as I know it's easy to forget some of them once you are being seen by the medics,and also to be fobbed off. I will never forget my first gp visit when I suffered agonising pains in my abdomen, only to be told by the Gp that it was likely Irratable bowel Syndrome, and to take paracetamol.Wish I knew then what I now know,am afraid I would not be responsible for my actions!!!

The advice you have been given by our ladies is very sound, and I hope you will therefore go to A&E where you will hopefully have accelerated treatment.

Best of luck to you,do let us know how you are progressing.

Much love J.O


I cannot believe that no one is investigating you as all those symptoms you describe are extremely serious.


My dearest Gemkins, tears came to my eyes after reading your post,,,,, Please Go to A&E and dont leave until you have been looked after,,, it sounds really serious what you are going through and you need medical attention are in my prayers and i know you will come out just fine.

Love Marvalous


I can't thank you all enough for your kind and encouraging words your truly all so lovely which is something I so need at the moment. I've had scans confirming problems but because my consultant knows he caused the damage he's really dragging his feet and denying there's problems. When my bladder ruptured back in 04 a ct and MRI failed to pick it up and my bloods showed no indication of this it was only when I was opened up did it horrify them and in the words of the surgeon he said 'oh my god the poor girl' it took them over 4 hours to dissect my bladder from my bowel I ended up in icu for 2 days and nearly died my body was so exhausted it happened in 2011 when my womb did the same and took them 7 hours to do a simple hysterectomy! Unfortunately my bowels are so adhered I don't think they are used to seeing such adhered bowels and have missed so much! When the cyst was ruptured in march last year it took 4 days for my body to go into severe shock I don't know how I survived as they would not take into account I'd had a procedure 4 days prior and when I was bleeding heavily from my bowel loosing coffee grains and black water with fresh blood too they said I had a bug!!!!! I was treated like dirt my heart rate was 160 and my bp 147/117 which they fobbed off saying it was in the normal range! I wanted and still do want to be a doctor, because I'm medically knowledgable they treat me like crap and walk off on me, my emotions are all over the place due to this and due to this again I'm seen as neurotic for gods sake anybody would be after loosing 4 organs through them literally bursting inside me and all due to negligence! I'm in a terrible state and again one of biggest problems what they won't listen to is my blood doesn't show things up until I'm in a desperate state like they didn't show any inflammatory markers when my bladder ruptured! I need them to really listen to me so quite right I think going to A&E is my only option as I simply can't bear this anymore I'm struggling both physically and emotionally but you know what I've not once stopped smiling and being positive that I'll get through this and have solicitors on it now who say they can't believe what I've been put through. I was in the daily express back in 08 as this all started back in 03 when I contracted mrsa in hospital into a wound and was given 10 days on vencamiacin and after that palliative care i was 25 and they basically told me I could die! My eldest was 7 my baby was a little babe in arms at 1!!! But I went on to have another against all the odd when I was 30! My eldest now 17 said last night mum your strong and can't believe what you've survived there's someone looking over you just keep fighting as he believes it's cancer as otherwise I'd be getting better now not worse! Being a single mum ain't easy but I'm doing it somehow

Thank you thank you thank you for encouraging me I'm going to do what you say and I'll keep you posted xxxx lots of love Gemma xxxxx

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You do sound like you are having a rough time! It doesn't actually sound as though your doctors are ignoring you altogether, though - if they were you would not have had 8 surgeries. Clearly as you are continuing to have very frightening symptoms, you do need to keep asking for help.

I get the impression that you feel that cancer is the only disease that can cause such symptoms, and are frustrated because your doctors don't see your symptoms as being proof you have cancer. Please don't write your doctors off because they don't agree - there are other diseases that can cause your symptoms! For instance, have they considered the possibility of a collagen disorder such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome? That can cause internal organs to rupture. (I'm not saying that's what you've got - it's just one example that I'm aware of because it does run in my family! There are probably lots of other possible causes.) Has anybody else in your family had similar problems? If so, it is worth making sure that your doctors are aware of this, as it might help them reach a diagnosis.

Have you been keeping a diary of your symptoms? The main ovacome site has a symptom tracker that you can use as an example of how to do this, though as you seem to have additional symptoms you may have to adjust it to fit your circumstances. Your doctors may find this helpful in reaching a diagnosis.

I hope that you get a diagnosis and effective treatment soon!


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Hi Gemkins,

this is overwhelming and I feel your pain of no one cares. What comes through your message is that things rupture, there is bleeding in the gut, sever adhesion and cancer as well.

Perhaps you are looking for help in the wrong direction. The docs may have come to the end of the road in keeping you alive unless you do something towards healing. If I would be you I would look towards the natural solutions for comfort and possibly recovery. There are things that help with the gut healing - this will be the emergency for you, like slippery elm - 1 teaspoon before every meal, organic cayenne - build up to a teaspoon a day, organically grown dark greens juices (high in magnesium), aloe vera miller( high in enzymes and amino acids for proteins, no dairy, eggs or gluten in the diet and good vegetarian protein and fats and enzymes in food.

If you could have an avocado and cold press olive oil at every meal for the fats, chia seeds soaked and blended and hemp(approved for consumption) seed protein powder for proteins ans lots of sprouted food, papaya and raw food smoothies and aloe vera for enzymes and protein and all this will be absorbed will strengthen the tissue against ruptures. Fats and proteins make up the tissue.

To address adhesion the magnesium intake from the dark green juices is a must to thin the thick mucuses that cause adhesion. I apply castor oil for it plus a hot bottle over the castor oil soaked towel on the abdomen, but i would do this after gut bleeding stops.

As I understood cancer is a metabolic and deficiency issue combine with chemical, emotional toxicity and radiation, adding the estrogen dominant situation for a women and depression or loss of will to live, and a mucus ridden body environment is the perfect host for cancer and fungus.

Each has to be addressed in a way or another:

metabolic - need of enzymes,

deficiency - organic (from plants) vitamins and minerals ( use buckwheat sprout powder amd other super foods)

chemical l toxicity - detox with herbs dandelion, milk thistle, b vit complex and others

emotional toxicity - avoid ‎narcissistic (selfish) people and negativity, conflicts and anyone that you feel doesn't have your interest at heart

radiation - stay away from xrays

zenoestrogens - false estrogen dominant - use Broccoli sprout powder 1 tsp. a day and avoid food in plastics and food treated with pesticides

depression - use herb teas like Gotu Kola, Skullcap and Motherwort

thick mucus in the body - no dairy, eggs, pastas, use sweet potato for carbs not the irish potato and take magnesium from dark green leaves (blend greens in water and drink the water only for a time)

fungus - treat with herbs (Pau d'arco), coconut oil, coconut and coconut water, baths with Epsom salts or sodium bicarbonate.

for more info check out the school of natural healing at:

you could give them a call for a professional advise.

Hope the help you are looking for has come in this post.


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