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Feeling so desolate

Firstly I’m sorry for yet another miserable post. I have never felt this low before. After first lot of 3rd line chemo on Wednesday all I’ve done is cry. None of the anti sickness is working and I feel sick all of the time. Haven’t actually been sick but retching so much that I’ve really hurt my ribs. Can’t eat anything and not sleeping. I’ve just left a message with my CNS to see if I can have some different anti sickness. I feel like I can’t keep doing this and am thinking that I would prefer this all to end. Then I look at my beautiful children and of course there’s no way I want to leave them but I just can’t snap myself out of this. Sorry for the misery but I’m at my wits end.


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Please don't give up! I switched to Cyclazine, which is a mild anti nausea med, but it does the trick for me and I take it whenever I am about to eat and sometimes after. I also take 25mgs of Omeprazole up to 4 times a day, to keep indigestion at bay.

Plus, I asked for extra Ondansetron (not sure about the spelling) which I add even after I start feeling queasy.

That's my regime, but hopefully this nausea will pass soon.

Best of luck,



Dear Becky, I’m so sorry to hear how retched you feel. I suffered absolutely terrible sickness in my first chemo. But when I did chemotherapy a 2nd time I had different drugs. A dr friend recommended ondansetron. She told me to insist on it (apparently it’s expensive and drs often prescribe older/cheaper meds). You didn’t mention what anti sickness you had taken. Getting this under control is so important. Please speak with your CNS. I had chemo in 2016 and there may even be newer and better drugs now.

I really hope you get better drugs soon.

T. X


Sickness was my biggest problem with chemo and why I’m reluctant to take it again

I had Emend which you take an hour before chemo then one a day for two days plus anti sickness tab and steroids. It really helped to have a bite of a rich tea or ginger biscuit 🍪

Sorry you feel so low your body is busy using it’s resources to fight the chemo right now so it’s no surprise those happy endorphins packed up and left. Do talk to your team and see if they can help

Thinking of you

LA xx


I'm so sorry to hear you are struggling with nausea and sickness with the current chemo regime, and would agree with the other ladies that you should speak to your team about other alternatives. I hope they can find a suitable drug and that you will soon be feeling much better. In the mean time, please never give up hope - life is too precious. Take care. Xx


Oh, becky. My heart goes out to you. Bad nausea is absolutely miserable , no wonder you feel despondent. There are lots of different anti nausea treatments after the standard one so I'm sure your team will find something. There is also an acupressure point for nausea on your forearm about three fingers width above your wrist - maybe you could try that for a bit of temporary relief until you get better meds. WhenI was in hospital not able to eat or drink they gave me little squares of sponge on cocktail sticks soaked in water and frozen, and that was a comfort. This will pass. But it's an endurance test

Sending warm wishes and hoping it gets sorted very soon

Elizabethe x

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Becky; hang on in there; like the others, do ask and keep asking. I had both the ondansetron (spelling?) and Emend and whilst I couldn't eat very much at all for the first four days after each chemo (was on dose-dense so every 7 days) I found I could manage a bit more on the other three days. If nothing helps, can they reduce the dosage, I wonder? I've no experience of this but just asked the question.

Warm wishes for as good a day as you can. Lesley


Becky, keep asking. And try anything your body seems to want, especially fluids of course (ginger ale?). Hugs, Linda xx 💐


All of the above Becky and try (try--but hard I know) to remember that your mood is totally affected by how you feel physically so when you get the nausea under control, you will feel more positive and upbeat. Happens to me each treatment! Good luck and hope your team will give you the potion that works best for you. oxox


So true!! X

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Ditto to what everybody else has said I can’t add more, big hugs and love ❤️Xx Jane


My chemo nurse said "people do not need to be sick any more, we have the drugs but might need to find the right one," ondansetron did it for me but you'll possibly be different but please keep asking as many times and as often as you have to. I phoned the 24 hour helpline late on a Sunday night, and the nurse on-call could not have been more helpful, very supportive and approachable.

Very good luck xx

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Stay on top of your request to your CNS, there will be a medication which will stop this. Your mood will then lighten.

So sorry you're going through this.

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Hi Becky,

I was in dire straits after my surgery, no appetite,kept being sick and losing weight hand over fist.

One tab of Omaprezole dispersable a day got my sickness and appetite in order, don’t give up, there will be a mixture to work for you, life is too precious,

Love and hugs,

Carole xx


The team can tweak the anti nausea or give you steroids to help. It is normal to feel totally fed up but you can do this. You have one treatment done now and just five to go. Ask your doctor for the fortified drinks or shakes. You feel more miserable if your tummy is empty from retching as you are possibly dehydrated. Hope you contacted your team toda


Oh Becky. Please don't give up. For me the sickness and nausea was the worst and I could put up with everything else, including the paralysis and baldness, but feeling sick all the time is the pits. I was on so many pills and potions to stop me being sick or feeling nauseous that I rattled, but nothing worked and in the end I was off to hospital for a week as I was losing a kilo a day in weight and couldn't even keep water down. After, the doc felt that the sickness drugs were doing me more harm than good as a lot of them are morphine related and I don't do morphine very well. I stopped taking the drugs and my sickness and nausea just disappeared less than 48 hours later. It's not something I would recommend you try but maybe you feel you've nothing to lose. Like Lily-Ann, I was taking Emend day before chemo and two days after and that suited me fine. I've never been a drug taker i.e. paracetamol, antibiotics etc. so my system isn't used to it. Maybe that's why I didn't respond well to drugs, who knows.

You sound so low, darling, and I can understand why. When I was 24/7 sick and nauseous I just wanted to die. In fact, mid way through my second hospital stay I told my hubby that I couldn't go on anymore and was quite happy to just go to sleep forever. Now, 4 months later, it's just a blur. You WILL get better so hang on in there. I know it's hard right now but in just a short time it will turn around - I promise. It's okay to feel down. Jeez! We have enough to cope with right now with the disease without all the other stuff so don't feel guilty that you feel sad and desolate. You don't need guilt on top of everything else. Just take one day at a time and if you want to cry then cry. Scream shout and kick the sofa if you want to. Sod everyone else who thinks you've lost your marbles and just let it work through your system and when you are your old self again - which you will be very soon - then that's the time to say, "Oops, sorry folks for having a moment but I'm okay now".

Big hugs and love and come on here any time for a kick off. We've all been there sweetheart and you are not alone. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Becky, As usual the ladies have have given you some good advice, you do need to go back to your team or maybe your GP, I think it's a good idea to keep a good repore with your GP.

I did drink ginger tea made from ginger root just boil the root and kept it handy to drink through the day, but you need to get it under control.

keep your chine up love it's worth it.

Take care Lorraine xx



Only reading this now but just 2 days ago I was suffering from the most horrific nausea following a pleural drain. I could put up with the pain from the drain 8/9 in terms of pain within minutes of the local wearing off!

Begged them to help me with the nausea though. The need to vomit came with every lurch.

Hope by now you’ve spoken to CNS and figured out something to alleviate your symptoms.

Do hope you are feeling brighter and more settled?

Sarah x


Becky, so sorry you’re having such a horrid time. There’s nothing I can add to the excellent advice of the experts. It just want to send you love and a gentle hug and my dearest wish that you will be feeling lots better very soon. Jo 🌻🌺🌼🌹🌸🌻🌺🌼🌹


Hoping you're feeling a little bit better now. Such good advice from everyone. Just one thing to add. Ondansetron is very constipating, I found, so if you do have increased doses of it, I'd get a laxative too. xxx

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HI Be my,

My heart goes out to you and it sounds like you need a big cyber hug. This is a really tough time for you. People have given different advice on medications below.

I’m going to suggest something else. Is there any way you feel well enough to be outside or change your environment? Could you manage a coffee shop for an hour? Or even sit outside in your garden for an hour with a book. I found a change of scene often helped my darkest days. Are there small things that could give you some joy that you can do at home? Do you have a purring cat, or a cuddly dog? Pets really helped me. They may only be fleeting just now, but they can grow bigger and try and focus as hard as you can on these small moments. I do totally understand how you feel, and I do often have these thoughts that I can’t do it. You have us to try and get you through this. Please don’t give up. Let your body rest and fight what it is fighting.

Love Nicky x

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I really do sympathise with your feelings of not wanting to go on-whenever I am really nauseous I feel like this but when the nausea passes the gloom passes as well.


Keep going Becky you've got this xx


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