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Private medical insurance & NHS treatment money back!

Hi ladies

Just a quick bit of info for you. Hubby and I have private medical through his work. Like many of you I had my TAH done at an NHS hospital and was advised to do this as they could keep a better eye on me on the ward than in a separate side room. I never even bothered phoning the private company. The NHS were fab so I thought nothing more of it.

That was in Jan 2017. Forward to now and I phoned (am I allowed to say the company?) as we were considering stopping paying for private as we never use it but I thought I'd ask about future treatments like Avastin etc.

Anyway lovely lady told me I could claim money back from them for a) the op b) £100 for each night I was in hospital and c) £100 for each time I went in for chemo!!!!! Oh and possibly £100 towards my wig cost!

No one told me this before! I've got the form which is proving a bit of a faff to get stamped but it's worth trying eh?

We'll see what I manage to get but I thought I'd let you know incase anyone else has the chance to reclaim. It's not often you get an insurance company offering to pay you money for something you've already had done!!!

(And yes if I do get anything it will be going in my bucket list fund 😀)



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My private medical covers for NHS stays, so I have made a tidy sum from both my surgery and my unexpected hospital visits! I’ve been putting the money towards holidays and family treats. It’s well worth knowing about and checking the policy terms.

Enjoy your bucket list adventures!

Vicki x

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Fantastic, it does sweeten the pill slightly for you doesn’t it? Enjoy spending, I hope it’s something good off the bucket list, do share once you’ve chosen. Take care ❤️Xx Jane

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I had started a new job 6 months before my diagnosis and didn't realise I had been enrolled in a private scheme. 2 operations and 7 chemos later, I queried and I was covered. I also got a tidy sum back after over 20 nights in an NHS bed plus the chemos. It's worth claiming. Still not able to work yet so it has helped with the bills immensely!!


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