What's wrong with me?

Hello Friends,

I'm new to this site. I have had issues with bleeding. In November and December i would bleed for A couple hours after BM's and after lifting 15 lbs or more, also I would spot the day after intercourse. (Plus my regular period. January no period but still had the problems I had the previous February 9th I started my period and am still bleeding along with cramps and pain in my sides and lower back.

Went to Gyno. Friday and he said there was tissue sticking out of my uterus and he did a endometrial biopsy and pap, blood test and scheduled a transvaginal ultrasound.

I ended up in the ER last night I thought I had lost too much blood. Fatigue is so bad and heart was pounding in my ears. I was barely enemic (30) and they called someone into do a transvaginal ultrasound and it was normal.... I KNOW SOME THING IS WRONG. I bleed bright red blood day and night. I hurt. :'( how could it be normal? Other tests have came back yet. My husband thinks I wasted money for the ER. I haven't asked to go to the hospital in 25 years.

Advice please?

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  • I guess you have not got your other tests back (slight typo) and maybe these will help your doctor to help you. If they show nothing, please say all that you have said here and don't leave till you've discussed your worries and been listened to.

    I strongly advice you not to worry too much until you know more, easy to say but life's too short to waste it worrying about what could be nothing too unpleasant and i so hope this is the case for you.

    Finally of course you didn't waste money, only you know when things feel bad enough to need immediate help and that's what you needed there and then. Obviously partner dynamics vary and few are perfect, but i would try saying that it has to be your decision and that you will seek out medical help via whatever means are available if and when you need it. Again easy for me to say but don't ask, go.

    I hope this helps but i know it's all so hard, wishing you all the very best and good results xx

  • Thanks, and yes many typos. I couldn't find a way to edit it. I apologize. Thank you for your kind words.

  • Caroles1 seems to have given you great advice, a bit more to the point than my ramblings! Please don't apologise for the typos, i only mentioned it because it changed the meaning, sorry i pointed it out.

    Will be thinking of you for your results xx

  • I'm no expert Love,but it doesn't sound normal to me and hopefully when your other tests come back they will pinpoint something,which may not at all be bad or worrying.

    I don't know what age you are,but maybe you are going through the menopause.Also,did the blood tests include the CA 125 test?

    Please don't panic,just keep on top of the problem and write down all the questions you want to ask and maybe take someone with you to listen to the answers as I for one find they wash over my head!

    Best wishes,

    Carole xx

  • I am 45. The doctor did do that blood test. I am waiting for results and my doctor went on vacation. Thank you for your support

  • Sounds like the right tests have been done,but you may just have normal menopausal problems,in any case you sound like you are in safe hands

    Carole xx

  • the ca 125 is not always a god indication and did not help for me , so go with your gut feeling and if symptom get worse keep nagging .

  • Hi there let me start by saying money is never wasted on health problems so that is the answer to your husband, Maybe the biopsy caused bleeding and that is why you had to go to the ER again. I hope all your tests come back negative for cancer but there is obviously some little thing amiss and it best to get it sorted, whether it be fibroids etc, best to have them treated, You cant help this occuring so dont be beating yourself up.

  • Hi Milessa. When I was in early 30s (no kids then), I was into exercise. Vigorous exercise brought on a period. It worried me, so I gave up all strenuous exercise. Perfectly healthy after, barely a visit to a doc until the OC hit 35ish years later (had 2 perfectly healthy kids in the mean time). Good luck. Pauline.

  • That sounds very worrying but you have started to have your problems investigated. Waiting to find out what is wrong is so hard but tests do take time. I expect they will suggest a CT scan if the problems continue and no cause is found. as others have said, make sure they include a CA125 blood test.

  • I would not give up with your problem until you get some answers , if you feel something is wrong please get to the bottom of it , is the pain low down and a stabbing in your side the ovary area ? have you had a scan on your outside of abdomen and do you have swelling in your tummy?

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