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Unusually usual gal- stage 3 year two

Unusually usual gal- stage 3 year two

Hi girls- I’m working on my profile, and enjoying reading all of yours.

Since my diagnosis December 2015, I’ve tried - but never talked to anyone who is stage 3 cervical and only did surgery.

I enjoy conversation with everyone and support each persons choices- but never heard from anyone who didn’t have chemo and or radiation.

I look forward to making new friends here.

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Hi Hidden, I imagine you are speaking about Cervical Cancer, all of us on here are having treatment for Ovarian Cancer so you may need to check with the right site. I wish you all the very best,


Hello Hidden

Welcome to MyOvacome. As suzuki has explained, this is a forum for people affected by ovarian cancer. You may find a forum for people affected by cervical cancer more help to you. Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust is a UK charity who run a forum on their website at the following link: jostrust.org.uk/forum

I hope this information is helpful. I wish you all the best going forward.

Best wishes


Ovacome Support Service Manager


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