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Do I have ovarian cancer?

Thank you for welcoming me

I started with a uti on September 17, I was out on 3 different antibiotics as my body was resistant to the others. The infection went away and the last few days I have been feeling pressure down below along with lower back pain.

I had an ultrasound of my kidney to rule out stones. I also did a ct scan of pelvic abdomen and a small umbilical hernia appeared. I have an appointment with obgyn in 3 days. But I'm so scared. I don't have a UTi but why am I getting pressure and lower back pain? I had a pelvic ultrasound back in 2017 and it was clear. I am rwckof my brain. I would love to hear some feedback .

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Try not to fret and wait and see what the consultant has to say to you first. Wish you well with your appointment


Thank you, I'm sure we all know how it conceives our life. I try not to worry about it but I keep saying to myself if it's not uti anymore than what can it be that's causing constant urination and lower back pain.


It could be many things such as an infection in the pelvic region, fibroids etc. A CT scan should help rule things out or in. I know it’s hard not to keep speculating but there is really nothing you can do at this stage except wait to see the doctor. Therefore I would plan some activities/treats to help take your mind off it


Thank you for your reply. I do try to stay positive.hoping all goes good🙏🏼


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