Great day at work. Sod cancer.

Great day at work. Sod cancer.

Hi all.

I’ve had a great day at work. I work in a college with students with learning difficulties. We went to a park today and then back to lessons then the gym.

I joined in with them today. I might be having a recurrence but it doesn’t stop me loving my job and having fun.

Up yours cancer.

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  • Goodon you gal .same here i am on a dancing weekend in skipton.shortie38

  • Hi Shortie.

    Thank you. Yep, got to keep active.

    I hope you enjoy your dancing 💃🏼 weekend.

    Hugs. Xxx

  • Hi shortie I live about eight miles from Skipton.

  • Hi juliette at home now sheffield we were staying at the rendezvous hotel had a great weekend shortie38

  • Aaaw glad you enjoyed your stay x

  • Now that's the spirit! Good on you! Great pic, I'm quite envious, I've been stuck in the office all day! Big Hug xx Kathy xx

  • Hi Kathy.

    Aww thank you. I do have fun at work. I’m in the classroom all day tomorrow but I try and make it fun.

    Hope you are ok.

    Big hugs. Xxxx

  • Ahhhh fab photo hun!!! You go girl

    Your hair is growing now wow!!! You look wonderful, made me smile.

    Hugs, Marian xxx

  • Hi Marian.

    Aww thank you. Yes my hair is coming back well. I’ll probably lose it again when chemo starts. I’m quite liking it short.

    Hope you are ok.

    Hugs. Xxx

  • Mine is coming back, but feels quite slow. I'm grey of too 😱so really need to colour it, but get nervous about it. I don't fancy my wig in Florida as it's 32 in the shade!! Xxx

  • My friend coloured mine a few months back. It needed doing again so I went to Boots and bought a platinum blonde. It’s quite bright but I like it.

    A wig would be a bit warm in Florida. Maybe just wear it in the evening. 👍🏻👍🏻


  • Gosh

    Your in Florida?

    My husband and I have been going to Clearwater Beach for the last 25 years.

    I miss it since I got sick.

    Happy sunshine.

    Ann Nora 🍀

  • Brilliant Suzanne. What a great picture.


  • Thank you Elizabeth.

    Hope you are ok.

    Hugs. Xxx

  • Ahhh Suzanne!! I love this photo of you having fun. Yes, you are right, we ARE dealing with shitty things BUT it's important to remember to LIVE our lives and have FUN while we are doing that. Good on you, and I have to say I really admire you working as well. My work is ME lol but to be fair I didn't have a job before all this anyway having burnt out a year or two before in a civil service job.

    Love that you posted a photo too, I think it really brings a post to life.

    Much love and keep on, keeping on, it suits you ❤️

    Sarah xxx

  • Hi Sarah.

    Thank you for your lovely reply.

    Life’s a load of rubbish sometimes. I’ve got cancer, my other half was made redundant, he’s got to sell his car. Other stuff too

    I live in the moment. People make me happy. Just got to get on with life and try and keep smiling.

    I do get my down days but I always try and bounce back.

    I hope everything is good with you.

    Hugs. Xxxx

  • Brilliant pic, glad to see you're still having fun and enjoying yourself, especially at work! Looks like you feel well which is great :)

    I feel really well too despite a huge op looming in November and Im doing lots of dog walking and running to keep fit to help my recovery afterwards. I find it so bizarre I can feel so well!

    Well done you, keep it up

    Jo xxx

  • Hi Jo.

    Thank you.

    I do feel well. I get pains under my ribs but I just sort of get on with it. It’s worse at night. I’m having a recurrence. Cancer has been identified near my liver and my bowel - on the peritoneum. I feel ok though. I’m delaying chemo till I really need it

    I hope your op goes well. I was really excited about my op. Look at it as getting the cancer out and then the chemo will mop it up. Make sure you rest lots and eat well. Don’t overdo it, things can wait.

    Wishing you all the best

    Hugs xxx

  • Good idea to delay until you need it, I didn't used to think like that but I do now.

    I had the full hysterectomy etc in 2012 with chemo afterwards and all clear, then again chemo in 2015 and Ned again. 2nd recurrence in Jan this year so 6 months of weekly taxol which didn't quite get rid of all and I have a large cyst on my liver so they have offered me an op to remove cyst and bits and pieces in abdomen. Dreading it only because they tell me I'll be in itu afterwards and in a lot of pain and a long recovery but they must think it's worthwhile or they wouldn't offer it I guess. Don't know whether I'll need more chemo after yet. Will have a gynae surgeon doing the gynae bit and a liver surgeon doing the liver bit but at the same time! Am seeing the liver surgeon for the first time next Monday so that will give me more info on that side hopefully.

    Keep doing what you're doing and enjoy too, you look great and hopefully you can delay chemo till after Christmas fingers crossed.



  • Wow. That’s a big op. Two surgeons. I hope they give you lots of pain relief if they say you will be in pain after. Like you say though, they must be thinking that the op will be worth it. They know what they’re doing. Just take it easy. Let everyone look after you. Sometimes we have to go through some pain to get well again.

    Will be thinking of you. Keep strong. Xxxxxxx

  • I really love this picture. You really are showing cancer the finger!! Go girl!!!

  • Aww. Thank you. Sod cancer. Nasty disease. Xxxxxx

  • Certainly is. Keep smiling. Cancer can take your hair but not your sense of humour and fun!!!

  • Very true. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️Xxxxx

  • Good girl! That's the attitude, keep it up and kick cancers a+#e. Love the photo, your hair is stunning and you look fabulous ❤️Xx Jane

  • Thank you Jane. I’m not letting the nasty gremlin spoil my fun.

    Hugs. Xxxx

  • Wooohooo - that's what it's all about! Good on you! Xx

  • Hi.

    Aww thank you. Cancer can do one. I’m busy having fun. Xxxxx hugs.

  • Love it! I'm always doing stuff like this!!

    Screw you, cancer 😁

  • Yes. Screw cancer. We are living with it but live well we will. It won’t stop us. ❤️❤️Hugs. Xxxxxx

  • Love this go girl!!!Take care xx

  • Thank you.

    Hugs. Xxxx

  • Great photo Suzanne . 'You go girl '

    Love Kim 💜

  • Thank you Kim.

    Hugs. Xxxx

  • Hi Suzanne, Love the pic and the short hair, I've just had chemo and steroids so to day I'm going to garden, I have 1/2 acre of weeds to do so here goes, glad it is going to be a lovely spring day....Take care Suzanne Lorraine xx

  • Hi Lorraine.

    You go for it. 1/2 acre? Wow. That’s a lot. Keep you busy though. Enjoy.

    Hugs. Xxxx

  • Fabulous! Live the life, I am in Lanzerote at the mo, just doing that.

    Your job must be so rewarding😀Xx

  • Hi Carole.

    My job is so rewarding. I love it and all the staff I work with are great friends.

    I hope you are living it up in lanzarote.

    Have a fab holiday. You’ll have loads more.

    Hugs. Xxxx

  • That's awesome! Love your attitude! Keep on having fun and loving your job! Cancer can't steal everything from us!!! Kim xx

  • Hi Kim.

    Too right. It’s an annoying disease. How dare it threaten us and make us feel yuck.

    Get revenge on it by being happy and living.

    Hope you are ok.

    Hugs. Xxxx

  • That is what I'm trying to do. Be happy and keep on living. I also have a job I love. I'm a teacher and it brings me a lot of joy. Presently I'm only working one day a week as I'm fighting the beast again. Starting Cisplatin next week. Fingers crossed this one works!! Hope your treatment is going well. Kim xx

  • Hi Kim

    It’s a rewarding job being a Teacher. I hope you get on ok with your chemo. Is this your first recurrence. Xxxx

  • Hi Suzanne Yes this is my first recurrence, but I'm starting my third line of treatment. I did a clinical trial (caelyx/avelumab) and it didn't work, I had a severe reaction to carboplatin, and next week I'm starting Cisplatin. I hope it works. I need some good news!! Kim xx

  • You go girl and rock this disease.

    Ellsey xx

  • Hi Ellsey.

    aww. Thank you.

    Hugs. Xxx

  • Woohoo Suzanne!

    Love it!

    Onwards and Upwards!


  • Hi.

    Ahh thank you. Yes, onwards and upwards.

    Hugs. Xxx

  • Loving all the positivity! Hope everyone has a really good day today. I am going to have a day out with my daughter in Devon! Cream tea coming up!! Xx

  • We keep each other positive. I really appreciate all you wonderful ladies on here.

    Yummy cream tea

    Hugs. Xxxxx

  • Great picture and great attitude !

    I've just started Cisplatin (4th Line of treatment) and I'm having a2 day break on a hotel on the coast in Co. Wexford..,

    Juliet x

  • Hi Juliet.

    You have a wonderful few days away and forget about this horrible disease.

    We are living with it and live we will. Enjoy.

    Hugs. Xxxx

  • Loved your response to cancer, I am having a recurrence too, but this Sunday I'm doing a 10K for Target Ovarian Cancer, ain't no stopping us now we're in the groove. 😘

  • Excellent. Recurrence won’t stop us. You’re doing a brilliant thing for such a worthy cause. You go.

    Hugs. Xxxx

  • Wow, reading all the positivity in this thread is a great way to start the day ! Love the pic of you Suzanne. So glad you can continue to do the job you love and that sounds so valuable. Thanks for the boost 😊


    Madeline xx

  • Hi Madeline.

    We all need a good lift now and then. This site is full of amazingly brave and wonderful ladies. We keep each other informed, supported and lifted.



  • Good on you, that's how we should do it.. I know it's difficult than done but i feel that if we try to have a positive attitude it does help tremendously. Most of the time I feel awful and tired and could just happily stay in bed all day! But I try to fight it and get up and most of the time I'm fine later on.

    I'm so pleased I found this forum as we can all share our experiences fighting this horrid beast! Take care and keep smiling..😊😊

  • That’s so true. We share the good and the bad. We support and listen.

    We are all in this together. I laugh in the face of this stupid cancer most of the time. I get low too but mainly but get through the day with a zany sense of humour.

    Love this site and all the amazing ladies on it.

    Hugs. Xxxxx

  • Just found this forum, has made my day to read about other people's positivity. I try to keep positive and find being busy helps a lot. Had the chemo and was lucky, side effects minimal. On avastin every three weeks iv now, a few aches but no real problems. My hair growing back, curly but grey so have had it coloured. Wear a wig when out but not at home. Do get down days but have bought a s.a.d. Light which seems to help, anyone else tried one? An op. Was discussed for me with three surgeons, also told would be pretty poorly after and no guarantees for total removal of the cancer. My oncologist advised against the op as I am feeling so well so have taken her advice. I am being treated at the royal marsden anyone else being treated there? I cannot praise them too highly what a team! Good luck and keep fighting the beast!!

  • Well done you Suzanne,I admire you for that. Continue to have fun at work especially if you enjoy it. Love Caledax

  • Hi and thank you.

    I do love my job. I’m exhausted today but I’ll get up tomorrow and carry on.

    Hope you are ok.

    Hugs. Xxxx

  • It it wonderful that you have a job that gives so much back to you. Keep on enjoying .

  • Thank you so much. It’s a busy job at times. Today was exhausting. Yesterday at the park was fun. I just keep on going. Somehow. Lol.

    Hope you are ok.

    Hugs. Xxx

  • I love this pic! Thanks for getting my day off to a good start! Glad you're feeling well - long may it continue. Definitely sod cancer!!

    Love Dee

  • Hi Dee.

    Yes. Sod cancer. It’s unwelcome. How dare it be so bothersome.

    Hope you are ok.

    Hugs. Xxxx

  • 😂💕💕💕

  • looks really good...what is the point of not enjoying life while you can? I'm hoping to be campaigning on Saturday...I won't say for which party! love Chris xx

  • Hi Chris.

    Got to enjoy the life we have. Enjoy every day.

    Don’t look ahead. Live in the now. Easier said than done sometimes I know.

    I hope you enjoy your campaigning.

    Hugs. Xxxx

  • Love the action picture and especially your attitude ! Keep it up. Posts like yours are a tonic ! Take care


  • Aww. Thank you.

    Just got to keep going.

    I hope you are doing ok.

    Hugs. Xxxxx

  • Hi Suzanne

    I'm just a wee bit low for lots of little reasons Suzanne which is why reading your post was a such a boost . Keep on smiling 😀 Take care


  • Oh Molly.

    I’m sorry to hear you are feeling low. I do get down too sometimes. Usually though I kind of feel very anxious.

    Bloody horrible disease this is.

    Thinking of you.

    Hugs. Xxxxx

  • Thanks Suzanne for your kind reply as it means a lot. Now I must get up , cheer up and shut up ! I will try to put my best foot forward and see the glass half full. Take care


  • Ahh. Bless you. It’s hard though sometimes.

    I’m a bit low today. Horrible disease this is. Xxxxx

  • Suzanne

    I hope my mood wasn't catching as you were so upbeat until Madame Molly Gloom here replied to you ! I do find that this blooming disease can have the effect of sending you up or down. Let's defy it and stay up! I still love that cheery photo as that is who you really are. Take care


  • Hi Molly.

    Don’t be daft. You didn’t make me feel low. Blooming consultant did. Not intentionally. He was really nice to me.

    I hope you are ok. Xxxxx

  • It's great to see you enjoying yourself. Good on you. xx

  • Aww thank you. Cancer won’t stop me.

    Hugs. Xxxx

  • That's the best way to fight it. xx

  • Fantastic picture, love the fighting talk and your positivity. You look fantastic, you are fantastic! Keep feeling great and telling this disease what it can do :) xx

  • Hi Gillian.

    Aww thanks. Bloody cancer. Feeling a bit rough this morning. Got a sore throat. Will be sucking strepsils all day at work.

    Hugs. Xxxx

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