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Hi , I was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3c. This is very scary to me and my family but I am greatfull everything is going well with my chemo and will be having a total hysterectomy as well as removing my omentum. I hope everything goes well with that because I want to live . I am not ready to leave this world yet . I am glad I found this support group and God bless everybody.

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  • Hi and glad everything is going well after what must have been a very scary time. This is such a great place to come for sharing, advice, release etc etc, you will find lots of lovely and inspirational ladies at all stages of ovarian cancer, you can search via keywords, follow individuals and see the experiences of others be it chemo, operation, treatment etc etc.

    Any questions you have please ask. Keep positive as that helps greatly too although it's OK to have a wobble too!

    Take care

    Clare X

  • Hi and welcome taking each day at a time is a good philosophy and enjoy each day. Keep looking forward there are many ladies here who are long time survivors and you will too. They will give you lots of good advice, support and laughs. I am five years on from initial diagnosis and when the little blighter dares to pop up they beat it right back into submission there are so many new drugs coming along every day, trials and so much they can do. Don't think negative thoughts put the war paint on and look forward to all the good things you want to do. Sending you hugs positive thoughts and best wishes. X

  • That sounds tough to deal with. We all have stories on this site and many experiences and ways of dealing with specific problems. don't hesitate to ask questions of anyone. We all support each other. Nesie 237

  • I was 71 when I was diagnosed and 7 years on still enjoying my life.every so often it returns but it can be dealt with. The wonderful ladies on this site give so much help and information.Sending positive thoughts and best wishes X Granis

  • It is very scary but this site is wonderful for dealing with any fears you might have. Lots of inspirational ladies and lots of knowledge . I hope all goes well with you. Keep strong. Love Chris xx

  • Welcome to this site. I have not been here long myself and have found everyone to be helpful and encouraging. We are here when you need or want


  • This is quite simply an amazing support group with ladies who feel like friends. You have the right attitude to live one day at a time too. This helped me. The very best of luck with your treatment. Xx

  • Hi

    This site is so good. You never feel alone. Lots of support and information too. The women on here are so inspirational. I wish you lots of luck with chemo and operation.

    Judy xx

  • Welcome to the club no-one wants to be a member of but now we wouldn't want to be without! Wishing you back to health soon. Treasuring one day at a time is sob, so important.

    Sandra x

  • Hi Rosa

    I can only echo what everyone else says. It is a wonderful site. This illness can be so isolating but on this site you feel like you are in a warm embrace. There is always someone who can reassure you. My only words of wisdom are to just take one day at a time. You cannot change yesterday and you really don't know what tomorrow will bring. Most times your imagination of tomorrow is always the worst case scenario and it never happens . Just find out as much as you can about your illness and options and let the medics do the rest. You seem to have already done that as you have a plan in place. I found going to a support group helps enormously . It is good that your chemo is going well so there is every reason for you to be optimistic. God bless you


  • Hi Rosa

    I didn't read the title of your post before I replied telling you to live one day at a time. You are obviously already doing that and that is good. Keep it up and there will always be someone here to help you through the confusing times. Let us hope they are very few. As time goes by you will be the one who helps new women on the site.. Take care


  • Hi there's great women on here to give u support all the way through your treatment.... any questions or answers you need were all here for you we all need to live life for years to come and were all the braveist people you could meet with what we've bein and going through sending you hugs and kisses xxxx

  • Hi, Rosa.

    I too was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer 3c. I had my omentum, ovaries, Filopian tubes and my appendix taken out. I won't lie to you, it's a tough surgery. But now I am three months past it and doing quite well. I have just started low-dose chemotherapy. It's called metronomic chemotherapy. With metronomic chemotherapy you receive chemo once a week for a longer period of time. But it is a much lower dose and the side effects are much less severe. I am receiving carboplatin once a week. At this point, my main side effect is fatigue. But I can handle that. I hope all goes well for you.

  • Thanks for your encouraging words ! And I am glad to have wonderful women to talk to that are going through the same thing. I do have a question for you, why was your cancer detected in stage 3, were your symptoms not that bad? I am still trying to understand why my doctor never suspect I might have cancer .

  • I never had any symptoms. Then all the sudden, my abdomen started to get larger. I thought I was just gaining weight. But after awhile it got very uncomfortable and I went to see my Dr. She knew it was fluid buildup called "Asites". I was sent to have it drained and the fluid was analyzed. It came back showing cancer cells from the ovary. I then had other tests and was diagnosed with 3c. I was shocked because I had no symptoms whatsoever.

  • I wish my doctor would've thought of that sooner .. He just kept dismissing it as gastritis and bloating . But I am thankful it was not too late .

  • Hi Rosa,

    It's a horrid thing to be diagnosed with cancer, but this group has been a lovely thing for me to find.

    I'm 3.5weeks post the operation you will be having, and I was terrified of it, but I had actually made it far worse in my head than it has been in reality. Everyone here offered really helpful advice and guidance which made me feel braver.

    Thinking of you.

  • Hi Rosa, welcome and your attitude seems very posititve! Keep that up, I know it will be hard and it is scary but it is doable. I was diagnosed January 2013, stage 3C, had a total radical hysterectomy and chemo with Taxol and Carboplatin. I have had one recurrance in a few lymph nodes and just finished a second time around but I am NED now. A positive attitude is very much key to keeping you healthy and having a good support group of family and friends! I will keep you in my prayers that everything goes well for you.

    Sincerely, Tracy

    3 1/2 year survivor

  • Hi Rosa, welcome to our forum. I'm sorry you had to find us but now that you have I'm certain you will get a lot of support from the ladies. You've got a fighting attitude so i have no doubt you will give this disease a run for its money. I was diagnosed with stage 3b, 3 years ago in June past and like you, I have no intention of giving up anytime soon. I will admit its hard at times but I keep reminding myself I " I am not a statistic". I just want yo wish you well with your treatment. Ann x

  • Hello, Rosa. We have the same diagnosis but I have completed my 6 cycles of chemo already last December. I have had total hysterectomy as well as appendectomy and omentum removal. With change of diet, lifestyle, and a lot of prayers, i have managed to be well. In fact i have continued working during my chemo. Following the posts here at ovacome provided comfort and encouragement to me to continue fighting. tho i havent posted that much but im really inspired by the courage of our friend-warriors in this group. my prayers are with you and for this group.

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