I posted yesterday about the pain being different and more severe. Well I stayed in the ER again last night from 530 pm to 3 am when they admitted me. They done a CT of my abdomen and said they thought it was appendicitis so off to emergency surgery I went thinking I was going to have my appendix out. Well that isn't exactly what happened. Turns out a cyst from around the tumor ruptured and had all kinds of infection started all throughout my pelvis. So I will be in the hospital for several days to have strong IV ABT. Lord help

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  • Ow, very scary! Blasted innards.. can't wait their turn to be sorted out as per schedule :(

    Good to hear that you are back 'online' though, and wishing you fast recovery, especially if the other surgery is still on for 5 Oct. As other ladies have said, you might feel much better afterwards.

    Or did they take the opportunity and perform the intended operation right then and there already, as part of the emergency procedure?

    But first things first.. get well. Post when you can. We are thinking of you. Maus.

  • Thank you. Unfortunately no they didn't do any kind of removal the want the specialist to do that lol. But I do feel somewhat better

  • Oh good grief! What a nightmare for you. Hope the antibiotics do the trick and you can get the proper surgery soon.

  • God bless you and I wish you a speed recovery. IV antibiotics are better than pills.

  • I hope you get well soon, how frustatingvthstcthis happens to you. Make sure you rest and do t get too stressed. Your body needs to heal.

    Nicky xx

  • Just wishing you all the best, and that your next surgery and any other treatment you may need go really well. xx Sundra

  • am glad you persisted....am sure we know our bodies best..hope it goes well in the next few days C x

  • How very scary for you.....you are in the right place. Good luck with everything. x

  • It is just scarry. Had to have this abscess drained so went to emergency surgery and now all these antibiotics are making me feel horrible before I go in less than 2 weeks to have the tumor removed. And my Oncologist office hasn't returned any phone calls or anything. Very disappointed with that. But I'm doing what I have to do to get well. This was needed no other way around so hope to go home tomorrow Thanks for all the support

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