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Low red blood cell count

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Hi all! Just came from my oncologists office where I got my bloodwork results. It seems my white blood cell count and my platelet counts are back to normal but my red blood cell count is critically low. Has anyone experienced this while on niraparib? I'm so out of breath and my body feels like it's too tired to move. Plus I'm lightheaded, as well. Have any of you eaten anything special to bring that number up?

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My doctor told me to eat red meat (which I avoid for other reasons). If you google “foods that increase red blood cells” a whole list of healthy options come up. I also know when critically low, a transfusion can be administered. Wishing you luck with this. It’s so hard when you have no energy. Oxox

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Thanks for the advice, Maxjor.. didn't even think about googling the subject! I've had a transfusion once during chemo and have felt like a new woman afterwards.

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Thanks for replying about the red blood cell food options. Unfortunately when your rbc is low due to niraparib no food will help this issue... only a transfusion....I had 2 and lowered dose to 200. Last pet I have no disease, totally resolved and thrilled to get on with my life without waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak.

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So so happy for you!!! Ox

Organic wheatgrass shots works for me I am vegetarian and eat a lot of dark green leafy veg.

Hello Rienesue, did you do what do many of us do I e forgot to ask until you were on your way out? Good news that white cells and platelets are fine though . Fatigue and breathlessness is hard to cope with , as it’s depressing , so good luck with recovering your “ get up and go” . but you could include red meat , liver , egg yolk, dark green veg ( do you have a smoothie maker?) , in your diet ..

Best wishes , Denise x

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Rlenesue in reply to Denizt

Thanks for the suggestions. The nurse told me red meat and dark leafy veggies too. But said she doesn't feel these items will help as much as rest. Being out of breath all the time is debilitating and depressing.

The trial I am on has caused low haemoglobin but not affected white blood cells or platelets. I take iron tablets and get a blood transfusion every 3 months or so.

Wow you are anaemic and I do not know about Niraparib causing this. Taxols do so as well. My Onc says I will run out of "Puff"if I do exercises. he suggested lots of beetroot, I think spinach iron is locked in and not bio available but eat lots of iron rich foods under your Oncologist supervision. To avoid blackouts and falls take your time getting up from bed and chairs and hold onto things for support. Your side effects are I am sorry to say fairly common. Tiredness or fatigue is serious. You can fall asleep while eating! Best wishes and hang in there.

No joke for sure this was my worst symptom of chemo ever. Had a blood transfusion and was a new woman. Had no problem since. Good luck

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