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12 years clear of OC, now a lump in my breast

12 years clear of OC, now a lump in my breast

Help!? I've found a lump in my breast.

I'll be as brief as I can, but I'd love some advice from anyone whose been in a similar situation. My head is a shed at the moment and worst case scenario refuses to leave my brain.

• Diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer in 2005 aged 18. Had treatment in Southampton, one ovary and 6.6kg cyst removed, followed by 6 courses of carboplatin 'just in case' as the cancer was contained within the cyst.

• Follow up appointments in Sheffield while at uni, discharged without much info.

• 2011 had investigative tests to look at fertility, told I wouldn't be able to conceive naturally due to scar tissue on remaining tube, and that I should try before turning 30 as my eggs would deplete afterwards.

• 2012 now in Hull, I came off the combined pill for further fertility tests and got caught pregnant before treatment, my beautiful daughter was born in November.

• 2016 I turned 30 and gave birth to my second gorgeous daughter in December.

• April 2017 I started getting thoughts about my daughters' risk of getting ovarian cancer and saw my GP who said they'd get in touch with Sheffield for more info.

• May 2017 I had to chase up the GP as nothing had been followed up and got an appointment in Sheffield for June.

• June 2017 I saw an oncologist who said that because my circumstances were so rare as I was so young that she'd recommend genetic counselling and wrote to my GP and sent me a copy requesting they follow it up in Hull. The letter arrived in less than a week.

• July 2017 I chased up doctor, nothing done about referral.

Wednesday night after a run I was showering and noticed a lump in my breast. My partner checked it too because I wasn't sure if I'd imagined it, I hadn't. Thursday morning I saw a Nurse Practitioner who checked and said that the lump didn't feel sinister but she'd refer me to a breast screening clinic given my history.

Today I got a call to say that I qualified for an emergency appointment so I have been booked in for 30th Aug but was told not to worry, it was just because of my history. Easier said than done. I asked about the genetic counselling and was again told that nothing had been followed up.

I've thought about nothing else all day. About my 4 year old and my 7 month old daughters. About the fact that I've been tired every day to the point of napping for the last few months but have blamed it on being a mum of two and "going back to work soon" stress, just how I was before I was diagnosed before. About the BRAC gene and if that would impact on my girls. And then there's worst case scenario, me leaving them, or them getting stuck with a shitty gene I might have given them.

There's a good chance it's nothing. My logical mind tells me that the nurse said it doesn't feel sinister, but it's so hard to just get on with it and forget about it. I just want to cry all the time but can't face my family knowing something is wrong. At this point it could be nothing so I don't want to come across as a drama queen but I don't know anyone else who has experienced anything similar and I'm so scared 😢

Sorry for the ramble xx

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Oh Miss_p1986 😕

I can't say one way or another what the outcome might be, but I totally understand why you are worried. Love the picture of your beautiful girls. You are being seen really quickly, and that's a good thing - better to know sooner rather than later.

I found a lump in my boob when I was 18 and panicked about it. When I went for my scan and biopsy, the sonographer told me I had 'lumpy, bumpy boobs' which really wasn't what 18 year old me wanted to hear - I always thought I had a nice rack 😆 She also told me she didn't think it was anything to worry about, and she was right, it wasn't.

I hope you get the right result from these tests.

Vicki x


It is the fear of the unknown. I'm more than twice your age and when I found my lymph lump I didn't panic as I thought it was just a fatty lump. Then to be told the bad news just knocked the world from under me. I spent days imagining all sorts of terrible things and cried rivers. It's no good telling you not to let your imagination run away with you because it won't help one bit. Everyone here will be rooting for you and holding your hand, theoretically, until you get some answers. My best advice is to not feel guilty that your family and friends get upset for you. It's called inappropriate guilt. They will feel how they want to feel but you cannot take responsibility for that. Just be yourself and try to find your inner strength. The very best of luck to you sweetheart. Your daughters are beautiful. Kryssy xx


Hello..I can sympathise with your worry about your daughters and your own health but this is one to take one step at a time I think! Take the breast lump first and try not to worry about the other stuff until you know what it is ( benign hopefully 🤞). You are right to pursue genetic testing at a later date. I'm BRCA 1 and hoping my daughters aren't but luckily treatment for genetic errors is coming on in leaps and bounds...so put that worry away for now by the time yours are adults they may well have a great solution for us xx


Hi luv,

Deep breaths,you can't do anything until the 30th and it's not easy to say(we have all been there),but worrying won't make it any better.

You have 2 beautiful girls that need you and need mummy to keep things as normal as possible.After all you are thinking the worst possible scenario and all may be fine.

Try to be safe in the knowledge you are being seen really soon and you have a really supportive partner, I have lumpy boobs too,all normal, a lot older than you, but they have always been the same,I was 1c too, still here👍😀...let us know how you get on

Carole xx

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Sorry to hear this. I had a similar experience recently. I also had OC recently. After experiencing a lot of breast pain and felt small lumps, I went to see the GP who referred me to the breast clinic. I had an examination, ultrasound screening and mammogram . They discovered cysts on my breast, which are harmless and do not turn into cancer. The radiographer also explained that many women get lumps which turn out to be benign and this is very common. So try not to worry, I can understand your concern and its good that you're getting checked out. I hope all goes well. x


Hi; I was diagnosed with breast cancer after finding a lump in my breast while showering in 2004. It was very aggressive, stage 3c, her2+. Having said that I received great treatments, was closely watch and had NO recurrence. My ovarian cancer was found to be a totally new cancer. I do so understand how you feel as I am anxious about the oc just as you are worried about the possibility of bc. But know that it is curable worse case scenario. Plus it could just be a cyst. All the very best.



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