I wish I could get a break

I wish I could get a break

hello ladies I have been paying for Avastin since January which was supposed to give me a 12-18month break well my 6 months scan is in and the Avastin hasn't worked so I am back on Chemo very soon - third time in two years my girls husband etc are all devastated I am so fed up with this disease hurting my loved ones its so pants its unbelievable. I am being put forward for a trail at the Christie Cisplatin/caelyx followed by olaparib anyone got any good feed back on these two chemos I'm led to believe they are very hard going?

The picture is of me and my girls celebrating my 50th Birthday two weeks ago not knowing the bombshell we was about to get!!

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  • Oh I'm so sorry, I'm also paying for avastin and I have a scan on Monday as I've been getting pain in my right side, results on 1st September. Are you brca positive ? If they are offering olaparib trial. What about the niraparib after chemo I'm hoping for this drug if I have to go back on chemo as what I've read it seems to have the best results for brca positive and negative. I've been self funding the avastin for 11 months now.

    Val. X

  • Hi Val thanks for the reply I will keep my fingers x for you that the Avastin is still working and the pain is just a pain. I think niraparib is in the future for me if I'm successful with this round of chemo the trial gives you Olaparib twice where as on the nhs you only get it once.

    yes I am BRCA1 good luck with your Scan xxx

  • Oh Alison, that sucks! Your photo is lovely - remember those happy times when you are next having treatment. I'm likely to be spending my 40th birthday being treated for the second time...a far cry from the Las Vegas blow-out I had planned 🙁

    Vicki x

  • Thanks Vicki, we had a trip to New York planned for my 50th but that's gone out of the window too!! you will go to Las Vegas when you are done when is your 40th


  • November 😕 I don't know when I'll be starting chemo again, but I think it will be by the end of September.

  • It's just awful isn't it having ur birthday whilst on treatment and so young well whenever you start I hope it's kind to you and you can have a fab birthday 🎉 xx

  • So sorry Avastin hasn't done it's job. It must be disappointing to find you are facing more chemo. Hopefully this will be the one to put the beasts into submission. Your photo is really nice. Sending warm hugs

  • Thank you 😊 yes I really hope so xx

  • I wish you could all get a break!! This pic made me cry.

    So strange that you look so well, so many of us do.

    All good wishes.

  • Oh Alison I am so gutted for you! We will still have that coffee tho! Get your superwoman knickers on again! Sandra xx

  • Hi Sandra we definitely will! Knickers well and truly on got my army to fight for let the battle commence xx

  • So sorry to hear Alison and so hopeful the upcoming combination does it for you. I have read here--and heard from others on it that olaparib works well--and a long break from any chemo is a strong possibility while on the PARP. Many have to have dose adjustments along the way but your oncologist will know how to deal with that if you have to as well.

    You and your daughters look great. What a beautiful picture of you all. ox

  • Thank you xx

  • Hi

    Sorry to hear your news. Can I ask why you are paying for avastin? Where do you live?

  • I live in Manchester and was on second line chemo avastin only available up here on first line! After my second line I still had thickening so it was hoped the avastin would keep it at bay! Once more unlucky me xx

  • Have no experience Alison of Avastin,but I wish you all the best.

    Just want to say you all look fabulous !

    Lots of love,

    Carole xx

  • Thank you Carole xx

  • Hey Alison!

    So sorry to hear your news! Sending positive vibes and loads of virtual hugs!

    You look FAB in the photos as do both of your stunning daughters!! Keep smiling though I know that's easier said than done!!!

    Onwards and Upwards!


  • Thank you 😊 D x

  • What an awful bombshell :(

    So pleased you got to enjoy your 50th with your girls and you do look amazing!

    Strange how many of us look so well prior to diagnosis or reccurence!

    Good luck Alison xx

  • I know everyone says oh you look so well you will be ok! Little do they know but I suppose if we looked I'll that would be worse for us! Thanks for your reply take care xx

  • Hi Alison, Yes indeed this is a lovely photo of you and your girls. I'm sorry the Avastin has not help I don't know much about it. I do know about Caelyx I've been very lucky with this chemo

    it's not suitable for everyone, and it can be hard but manageable. as with any side effect don't suffer your team should be able to help.

    I hope you are on the right treatment very soon best wishes Lorraine xx

  • Morning Lorraine thank you for your reply and good luck with your treatment xx

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