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We're applying for Avastin! Wish us luck!

Found out today that unfortunately Mums cancer is back - 6 months post first line treatment. Plan is to start carbo/gem regime in a couple of weeks.

I asked about the possibility of applying to the cancer drugs fund for avastin, fully expecting the onc to try and put me off ( don't know why?! ) But she was really positive and is going to apply for the drug for my mum - I'm delighted. I know this is only the first step in actually getting this drug but we are really hopeful.

I wanted to say thank you to all of you on this forum - especially Patsy who I know has gone through a similar process getting this drug. I even told the onc that if we are turned down that we must appeal the decision as I know of someone who got it on appeal! Thank you Patsy for writing about it on here - without the knowledge of your application for avastin then I'm not sure I would have been so confident with asking for it myself.

Wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed everyone for us please xx

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Good luck with the application and best wishes for the teatment.



Hope your application is successful. That's the good thing about this site. Lots of knowledge. You sound like a wonderful support to your Mum. My daughter (24 at the time) was also amazing when I was going through diagnosis and treatment in 2010 and I can't tell you how much that meant to me.

Good luck.

Love Chris x x


Good luck. It's such a good thing to be on here and share support and info!

All the best,

Love Wendy xx


Hi Flyhigh,

Luck duly wished...I have private messaged you about another possible avenue to access Avastin if all else fails.

Love Lizzie



Dear Flyhigh

I'm SO pleased my experience with finally getting Avastin may have helped with your request for the drug. Hopefully an appeal wont be needed, especially as your Mum has relapsed only once. I believe it's when there are multiple relapses (three in my case) that the Drugs Fund is less likely to consider Avastin a justifiable expense. Of course, I am now hoping to prove them wrong!

I will be blogging to let everyone know how it goes, but it's still very early days as I had the first treatment just this Thursday.

So everything is crossed for you and do please let us know what happens.

Love to you and your Mum

Patsy xxx


Dear Flyhigh

Thanks so much for posting your news about Avastin and the history before obtaining this prescription. You can't believe how much this gives me hope. I responded well to carbo-platin only and on one of my regular checks after this as a first line asked about Avastin. I was told it was only used for first line treatment and felt devastated that this new drug might have helped me had I only known about it before my first line treatment.

I'm attempting to go through the blogs to trace what treatment people do have. It's very different around the country. At least I can go back to my oncologist when the next time comes round and tell that that if others have had it after the first line treatment, why not me?

I do hope the treatment goes well. Good luck!

Annie xx


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