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Dear cancer

Dear cancer,I have never actually met you, but I believe you once met me.I know that you exist and that you once shared a part of my life.I do not know what you look like, but I imagine you are quite an ugly, faceless coward,that started its life as a nasty mutant amoeba ..I know what you are capable of and how destructive you can be.I am glad that I was strong and that I had many "allies and weapons of destruction" on my side.There was never any brightness in your presence,no sunshine or colour in your visit.You arrived uninvited,an intruder,an alien .You were rude,inconsiderate,insensitive and a most unwelcome guest, that overstayed their visit.I prayed every night that you would leave,I prayed that you were just passing through..For now, my prayers have been answered and I ask of you not to return .You have ,however ,made me an even stronger person,who now appreciates the simple things in life.I treasure my family, my friends ,my loved ones,the ones that you caused so much pain and suffering too and I ask of you to not put them through that again.You have left me with a legacy of pure grit and determination to enjoy and fulfill my life, so I suppose I should thank you for that....So,I ask of you ,as you depart ,let me be that being , let me be with my mind, my body and my soul intact and let me take that "legacy" that you instilled in me to take me through the rest of my life............

Yours sincerely

Suzieque xxxx

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Wow what wonderful fighting determination you have!! I do hope some of it will rub off on me! You are a true inspiration to all of your friends on here and i thank you for you post Love LynnXX


Lovely, very inspirational.



uplifting to read and really pleased for you, just hope in the future I might be so lucky x


Well said Suzzie you speak like a real trooper!

I imagined my cancer as a black ugly gremlin like bug.

Each night I imagined my white cells chasing it and gobbling the black cancerous bugs up, until they had all been eaten. Then I imagined my healthy cells spraying every other cell and organ in my body with a type of rentakill solution AND I prayed hard!

Fingers crossed girly`s, fingers crossed. Never give up hope, the power of the mind is rather incredible at times.

I also told my cancer that it was not going to take my hair - I told it that ONLY I can make that decision. I did not turn away the taxil, even though I was told it may only offer an extra 3% cure. To me that 3 % was everything. I do know of ladies who have turned it down because their hair meant so much.

I just knew it would grow again - but hell I was not going to let cancer rob me of my femaninity. SOOOOO, I shaved it all off myself, one week before the chemo started and told the cancer to stick that where the sun don`t shine.

I managed to raise a whopping £1,400 for O C research. I felt then as though I was in control. NOW, Six months after treatment and no longer needing the wigs, I have a brand new look. its short, very thick and grown back curly. I went dark rather than blonde and love it!!!


Suzie, I love it, and we all feel the same. The positive fibs work far better than the negative, we must all kick this 'guest' out and start to live our lives again

Last time when my hair came through I went for a 'new look' and had it coloured, but this time it is silvery, and I'm doing the Judi Dench look, with it cut short until the 'curly' look has gone. Never would have had the courage before it fell out!

Stay postitive and keep fighting. As one of our macmillan buddies says,

" I'm living with cancer not dying of it"



Yours words said everything... I wish you all the luck in the world. We are strong and we have been given the gift of appreciating our loved ones much more. Very inspirational.




Thankyou my namesake, you have given me courage on a low period when I have been wrestling with other sad things that have been going on in my life besides cancer. You have renewed my determiation to BELIEVE I have a future and will be there for those who need me. Thankyou

susi soapsuds


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