Bowel perforation

My sister had another setback on Tuesday when with increasing pain and bloating she suffered a bowel perforation. The surgeons felt she could withstand surgery and took her down at midnight after giving her the choice on whether to have the surgery or allow nature to take its course. My sister opted for the surgery and made it through. Thr stoma hasn't started working yet, she is back in critical care with an NG tube. The plan is to start TPN and then start clamping the NG tube to see if the bowel will wake up. If it does TPN will stop and food started. As long as the stoma performs she will then need to get nutrition on board and build up her protein and general health. The caveat they gave her is if the stoma doesn't work, the bowel reblocks or another perforation happens she will be DNR. Hopefully tomorrow she will go back to a surgical ward and be able to eat something. She has very swollen legs due to lack of protein so nutrition is going to be crucial and I hope she can tolerate eating.

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  • seavccg, Bowel resection plus stoma is trauma to the entire digestive system. It takes awhile for the stoma to calm down and begin working. Please do not despair and try to help your sister to remain calm, which in turn will help her colon to relax and adjust. Best to you both. Tesla

  • Sorry to hear this latest complication. I had a bowel resection, without stoma, and the point I really started recovering was when I followed the surgeon's advice and dosed up on protein. That first mouthful of cheddar after weeks of nil by mouth was a real Harry and Sally moment! Good luck to you both.

  • Hi very sorry to hear about your sister...where do you live? DNR sounds rather harsh...hopefully the stoma will work does for Chris x

  • Best wishes for a good outcome for your sister.

    Gwen x

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