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The verdict has finally been reached


Well after two CT scans and a CT PET scan along with a rising and falling Ca125 since February 2017 they have found a solitary lesion on my liver so off to see a surgeon next week. I was originally diagnosed with grade 3c ovarian cancer in March 2013 and even though we are told it will probably come back it is still a shock.

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Actually, a solitary lesion sounds like it can be plucked out!! Good luck! Very sorry it's come back, but you've caught this early. Tesla

Hi Avis, it's a horrible shock when we receive bad news.

Hopefully good news with the fact they have you down for a liver surgeon. Like Tesla has already said they might be able to pluck it out.

I will keep my fingers cross for you they can quickly sort this out & have you back in a good place again. Take care Cindyxx

Avis52 in reply to 85live4ever

Thanks for your message. I am seeing the gynaecology oncologist who performed my original surgery four years ago.

85live4ever in reply to Avis52

Hi Avis, that's great you get the correct person to start with. Please keep us up dated with what's next take care Cindyxx

You have better news than it seems right now. I know you are scared but this can be sorted! And a solitary lesion on your liver is not as bad as it sounds just now. I had the same 3 months ago and they got it out. Keep your faith up and try not to panic, there are good solutions for you out there! And if you have a surgeon that is willing to operate is excellent news! Xxx Nicky

Avis52 in reply to Nicky100

Thanks for your encouraging message.

Nicky100 in reply to Avis52

Please don't give up hope yet! There are tings they can do. Just keep up a gritty faith and keep talking with the ladies on here xxx

Ditto to what all the other ladies have said, keep strong, they'll sort this for you. Big hugs and love ❤️ xx Jane

85live4ever in reply to Cropcrop

Hi Jane, just a silly question what does ditto mean? I have had this said to me before & I just laugh because I don't know what they mean.

Also don't change your photo it always make me smile. Take care Cindyxx

Avis52 in reply to Cropcrop


Hiya Cindy , ditto literally means the same again 😊. Dumbo is staying where he is. I have him tattooed on my shoulder too 😂. Keep as well as you possibly can ❤️Xx Jane

85live4ever in reply to Cropcrop

Hi Jane, I see now yes that makes sense. How lovely to have something so sweet on your shoulder.

Thank you I am trying to keep well it is a up hill battle I do want to wish you the same. Take care love Cindyxx

Sorry its back but so glad they have found it. Good luck with the surgery.

Avis52 in reply to Neona57


Hi, Sorry that you have a recurrence which is a horrible shock,but hopefully the lesion can be dealt with quickly.

Sending good wishes, Caleda.xx

Avis52 in reply to Caleda4

Thanks for your message.

It's really positive that you are seeing a surgeon. What is your current CA level?

LA xx

My ca125 is currently 204 but was over 6500 when first diagnosed in 2013.

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