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News from Ovarian Cancer Action Research - Treatment of Ascites

News from Ovarian Cancer Action Research - Treatment of Ascites

Dear all,

The following press release has just been issued by Ovarian Cancer Action Research. It looks to herald a breakthrough for many women who suffer with ascites.

'World’s First at the Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre

It has been an exciting week for the Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre who has been involved in a ground-breaking procedure to treat cancer patients who have ascites (fluid build-up).

This week a British woman with ovarian cancer became the first cancer patient to have a pump implanted in her body in an experiment to determine if this procedure can get rid of dangerous fluid build-up caused by many common cancers. This could spare patients having to undergo gruelling hospital visits.

You can get more information here: '

It's suggested the pump has wider uses in that it could track and measure changes in the cancer that will help to customise the treatment each patient receives. See an article in The Times -

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Thanks Annie ...

Still looking out for us even when you are having a break ..bless you xxxx

This is indeed such great news .

Love Jan xxx


Thanks Annie

That's brilliant news. Having had to be drained 3 times, twice in just over a week before chemo started, and once after the first chemo, I would sign up for that if would save the discomfort of waiting, plus having the drains put in and out....I felt like a pin cushion at the end of it! Lets hope it's quickly rolled out as a standard procedure to those with repeated ascites build up!

Love Chris


Hi Annie Actually,

So useful to know cheers, have a nice break love x G x :-)


I agree with Chris, after having major problems last year I would be in favour of trying t out, bt I thought they didn't like 'opening up' an ovarian patient again! Could be worth it though.

Lets see what happens.

Love n hugs



Hi Annie,

very interesting, it's something I would be glad to try. I may not have been left till 13 litres had to be drained 1st time if something like this was available.

Hope you are enjoying your break.

Chris x 8-)


Just read the article from Ovarian Cancer Research, it doesn't look like they have to use invasive methods as it is an implant, sounds very promising xx


This sounds really interesting, first simply from a quality of life perspective but also the potential for information. The next few years likely to see the first smart devices to monitor health, its one of the things a client of mine is involved in, and implants could be hugely interesting for that. Good one to spot Annie, thanks!


Sue xxx


Hi annie... so glad you are so on the ball :-)... I have email'd them already offering my battered body... no seriously I have asked my oncologist for a abdominal port (pr chick,,, sue above has just had hers removed) as now they have stopped my chemo, and my beast is still active, the ascites will start again soon. I want the control, to self tap, or get my lovely district nurses round to release the fluid. My first experience of ascites, came right up to my lungs and they both absorbed the cancer ridded fluid and consolidated. I got pheumonia! that nearly killed me let alone the belly full of ovarian cancer.

This alfa port with bladder drainage would be a better option... i'll let you know if I get a response. x Love Gill


Dear Gill I hope you can get this port fitted very soon as ascites has been your bête noir from the very beginning. What's amazing is that you keep so active and focussed. The port idea must surely be a winner for you with your nursing training and I'm just scratching my head wondering why it wasn't offered before given the ascites has been such a problem.

Why not ring the Royal Hammersmith and ask about the trial. If you don't ask you don't get. I'd contact Abi Ajose-Adeogun at Ovarian Cancer Research - She might well be able to give you more information about what's available and timescales.

Let me know your holiday dates. It's a long way away and I'd like to think of you every day to wish you well on your safari adventure.

Good luck with your quest for an alpha port and bladder drainage. How far we have come to be holding out hope for such strange luxuries!

Take care. Loads of love xxx Annie


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